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All the Best Online Casino Bonuses 2024

Casino bonuses are extra perks that you as a player receive for playing at our hand-picked online casinos. You will find all the best online casino bonus offers available for your country. Like, welcome offers, in form of a first deposit bonus given to you when you sign up and do your first deposit. Also, many of the bonus offers include both free spins (you get free game rounds on slots) and bonus money. Bonus money is simply bonus cash that you get on top of your deposited amount. To make it easier for you to choose exactly what type of bonus you prefer, we have all the best online casino bonuses for 2024 below.

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Best Casino Bonuses – 2024


N1 Casino logo

N1 Casino

  • Winnings paid out fast
  • Players choice
  • Multiple currencies
  • Good selection of bonuses

Bonus up to 400€
+ 200 free spins

Joo Casino logo

Joo Casino

  • Excellent variety of
    payment methods

  • Best Reload bonus program
  • Runs perfectly on mobile

​Bonus up to 1800€
+ 150 free spins

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Casino bonus type: Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is only for new players on our selected casinos. Get up to 500% on your deposit, or free spins and cash in hand.

Casino bonus type: Free Spins

Free Spins

This bonus is only for new players on our selected casinos. Get up to 500% on your deposit, or free spins and cash in hand.

Casino bonus type: Cashback

Cashback Bonuses

This bonus enables you to get money back when you are unlucky. You can get up to 25% of your losses back in pure cash.

Casino bonus type: Reload Bonus

Reload Bonus

Want to get extra money to play for even after your first deposit? Bonuses that just keep coming again and again.

Casino bonus type: Highroller Bonuses

Highroller Bonus

If you are looking for a bonus that is specially created for High-rollers, then look no further. Here are the biggest bonuses.

Casino bonus type: No Deposit Bonus

No-Deposit Bonus

These are bonuses where no deposit is needed, you simply claim your bonus and start playing, does not get much better.

Top casino bonuses in my country

When you find top casino you would like to try, simply open the casino review page on our website and check if casino operates in your region with your currency. We also suggest that when you are interested in new casino, make sure to check their Terms and Conditions to see if the casino is available in your country and accepts your currency.

Wagering requirements on welcome bonuses

There are normally wagering requirements on any casino welcome bonus. And this means that you have to place bets according to the requirements, to turn the bonus money into real cash that you can withdraw. So a standard requirement is 35x wagering on your initial deposit. Meaning that if you took a 100% deposit bonus with €200, you will have to place spin slots or place bets for a total of €7000. But when that is done, whatever you have in your balance will turn into real money. And you can claim these offers from one of our hand-picked online casinos today, find the bonus that suits you the best. We show you what makes an online casino welcome bonus the best in 2024.

How casino bonus wagering works

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Confused about wagering? Read how wagering works.

An important thing to keep in mind when choosing a slot game for bonus wagering is the RTP and Variance.

What makes an Online Casino Welcome Bonuses the best in 2024?

A casino welcome bonus can come in many shapes and forms. For example, you take an offer of 200% deposit bonus, you will receive extra money to play for. And if you deposit €100 and claim your 200% deposit bonus, you now have €300 to play for. All of this even though you just deposited €100. Through the links on Bacon.bet however, you will get a deposit bonus, and free spins on top of that! So this means that you can get extra money to play for from the start, and get free game rounds on your favorite slots. Also in some cases you can also receive reload bonuses attached to your welcome offer. This means that you get extra money to play for or free spins. And you can get this on the second deposit, the third deposit and all the way up to your fifth deposit!

Best Online Casino Free Spin Bonuses 2024

The most popular form of bonus is free spins, where you get free game rounds on one or multiple online slots. Also, free spins are often combined with a deposit bonus. Meaning that you get extra cash to play for on your first deposit, as well as free spins to enjoy on your favorite games. But if that is not enough, you can also receive huge amounts of free spins on multiple games. And you often only have to log in once per day to claim your free spins, and that is it! These type of bonuses often come with wagering requirements, but we have a solution for that as well.

Free Spin Bonuses without wagering requirements

Wager-free free spins is the go-to option if you do not like to be stuck to wagering requirements. And these types of wager free bonuses enables you to keep all your winnings as pure cash, which means you can withdraw it right away. Also, it is an option through some of our select few partners, to get a no-deposit bonus, which means you get free spins to play with without doing any deposit!


Are there any strings attached when taking a Free Spins Bonus?

There are often requirements attached to a bonus offer. Therefor, it is important that you always check the T&Cs of any bonus offer that you take. To make it easier for you to know what to look for, here are some of the things to check to make sure the free spins bonus is what you want it to be;

  • Do I have to make a deposit before I can redeem my Free Spins Bonus;
  • Does the winnings I get from the Free Spins have wagering requirements;
  • Are the Free Spins on a slot game that I like;
  • Can I withdraw my winnings right away or are there limitations on how much I can withdraw;
  • Is there a maximum amount that I can win on these Free Spins.

What to look out for before accepting a Welcome Bonus

Almost all welcome bonuses come with some requirement from the casino, and it is important that you are aware of those requirements. We recommend that you always look at the T&Cs for any bonus that you want to redeem, so there will be no surprises. Key things to keep an eye on are;

  • What is the minimum or maximum I can deposit to receive the welcome offer;
  • Which are the wagering requirements before I can convert my winnings into real cash and withdraw;
  • Is there a max withdrawal or are winnings capped through the welcome offer:
  • Are there limitations to what games I can play, or limited wagering contribution on certain games.

Online Casinos with the Best Free Spins Bonuses – 2024

Here are our selected online casinos of 2024 that offer the best Free Spins Bonuses. So there is no need for you to look around any further, if free spins is what you are after. If you prefer another type of bonus offer, then keep on reading. We are sure that there will be something to your liking further down.


Top No-Deposit Bonuses in 2024

What better way to test out a new casino, than getting a bonus without having to do a deposit? All you have to do is sign up at one these casinos that offer No-Deposit Bonuses. Simply, create an account and claim your free offer! These offers can come in the form of real cash or free spins. Also, some free spins are with wagering requirements, and others will let you keep the winnings as real money right away. So there are no downsides with these types of bonuses, and it let`s you test the online casino for free. Therefor, this has become one of the most popular form of bonuses for players in 2024. However, we believe that it will surely continue to be the most popular into 2024 and beyond.


What do I need to know before taking a No Deposit Bonus?

When it comes to No-Deposit Bonuses, there is really not much that can go wrong. Since you get free bonuses without having to put up any money from your end. However, it is always good to keep an eye on the bonus terms, to ensure that there is not a max win attached to the bonus. This also includes if there are some requirements for you to be able to withdraw. Naturally you will in most cases be asked to verify your account, considering you have not performed any deposit yet. There are also instances where you will be asked to perform a deposit. But then you can withdraw your deposit + your winnings back immediately. So there is no reason to hesitate, claim one of our exclusive No-Deposit Bonus offers today!

Pros and cons of playing with a No Deposit Bonuses.

+   There is absolutely no risk for you, since you do not have to deposit any money.
+   It is the best way to test a new casino.
+   Anything you win will be yours, but make sure to check the bonus terms.
+   You get to have fun and have the potential to win money for free.

–   Bonus Terms for No-Deposit Bonuses are usually very tight. Read them carefully, as violating terms could result in losing your winnings.
–   Watch out for casinos that does not let you keep winnings from No-Deposit Bonuses.
–   Some casinos have a limit on how much you could be winning with your bonus.
–   Do not expect life-changing winnings from a bonus that requires no deposit or even free spins, it is not possible to win that big with this bonus.

Top Online Casinos with No-Deposit Bonuses – 2024

Hand-picked by our casino experts, here are our top picks for casinos with No-Deposit Bonuses in 2024. You can`t really go wrong with a no-deposit bonus. Thus, we suggest you check one of them out by clicking the casino you prefer. If you still have not found the offer you want, then keep reading.


Cashback Bonus – what is it really?

Cashback bonus is when you get a percentage of your losses back into your account. And in some cases you even get cash back into your account on every single spin. Meaning that you get Cashback even when you are winning. And it is one of the more popular bonuses out there, as it is normally without any wagering requirements. It feels good to get up to 25% Cashback when the luck has not been on your side. Also, there are even casinos that have set up a “piggy bank”, where your Cashback trickles in. And the cool thing about this, is that you do not have to break the bank or use some sharp object to open it. You simply play until you want to cash in. Then when you are ready, you can either withdraw your funds or continue playing with a better bankroll.


What are Forfeitable and Non-Sticky bonuses?

Forfeitable Bonus or Non-Sticky Bonus, is when you are able to withdraw your winnings even if your wagering requirements have not yet been met. Meaning that you can forfeit parts of your bonus, to withdraw your winnings. Ans in some cases this is also called a Parachute Bonus, as you first wager with your real money. And if you are lucky enough to hit some good wins with those funds, you can simply forfeit your bonus amount. And after that you can withdraw all your winnings. But in some cases the bonus is attached to your funds, which means that you will only be able to withdraw half of your winnings. This is because half of your funds are still considered bonus money.

Sticky Bonuses – The original bonus type that sticks

You also have Sticky Bonuses. Which means that your funds are not unlocked for a withdrawal, until the wagering requirements are fulfilled. This is one of the most normal types of deposit bonuses. Much because this bonus gives the online casino less volatility in relation to their bonus offers. Therefor, it is important that you always check the bonus terms before you start playing. This way you will know if the bonus is forfeitable or not.

Wagering requirements might be different from bonus to bonus

Let`s give you an example to put it in context. If you have a wagering requirement of 25x your deposit on a 200% Deposit Bonus. Then you choose to deposit €100, you will have to wager €2500 with your starting balance of €300. Another part that is important to remember is that some bonuses even have wagering requirements that combine the bonus and the deposit. Meaning that in the example above, you would suddenly have to wager €7500 instead of €2500 to be able to withdraw your winnings.

What is the best casino bonus and how do I safely choose it?

–  Choose a bonus that really appeals to you.
–  Bonuses without deposit are safest.
–  ALWAYS read about bonus terms (especially wagering requirements and max bet)
–  The biggest bonus is not always the best bonus.
–  Wager free bonuses are simple since you can always withdraw your winnings right away.
–  You can always reject a bonus if this is what you wish, and just play with your cash.
–  Forfeitable bonuses tend to be the favourite bonus for most players, since you can choose to withdraw before the wagering is done.

There can be many reasons for why people like different types of bonuses. If you are unsure which bonus to choose we have all the available options ready for you. This way you can find exactly the one bonus that gives you #thatfeeling.