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Welcome to and to our About Us section. We will take you through some of our key employees, and what they do every day. Being a creator it is all about making sure that the content is what you are looking for. So everyone works very hard to ensure that all the content is optimal for you.

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For you to find out more about us, and help you learn more about who we are, we have created this page. Here you will find information about why the creators of are doing what they do. As well as some of our awesome employees work history and passions. Keep on reading to find out more.

About our creators

Robert Hansen  – Founder / Writer

Robert has decades of experience within iGaming and has been working within game creator studios, casino operators and casino affiliates. Thus, his true passion lies with the slot games, even though he is not a stranger to live casino games as well. Historically Robert has worked within some of the most successful online casinos, handling both product and marketing. So there is no doubt that his expertise is invaluable and enables him to know exactly what casino players want. To quote him: One of the key reasons why I founded, was that there were simply too many marketing outlets that are “bought” by the casinos. I wanted a fully transparent and honest portal, where I could get updates on new games. I also wanted the best online casinos for my location. On top of that to know that the readers are priority number one. He truly lives by this mantra, keeping you as the player safe and educated. While giving you the opportunity to find the absolute top online casinos for your country.

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About our creators Kati Korhonen

Kata Korhonen  – Research and Content Writer

Kata is an amazing content writer, that has unparalleled knowledge of online casino, payments and bonuses. She has worked in iGaming for over 10 years, and started of in customer support. From there moving up to team leader, before heading into risk, fraud and payments. After some years doing RFP she changed company from one of the largest in the industry to a start-up environment. This is where she became a finance manager and loved it. Therefor, she stayed there for more than 5 years before moving on. This shows that Kata is truly a valued and trustworthy person. As she puts it, I was very happy in my role as Finance Manager within a successful online casino. Targeting dozens of markets is challenging and fun. However, getting an opportunity to work directly with the players like I do now. Where I create authentic and truthful content, as well as guiding casino enthusiasts. Helping them finding the top online casinos, has become my true passion.” We sure hope that Kata continues to work tirelessly for years on bringing you the best content. We know she gives you the honest truth about online casinos. As well as payment providers and anything else we share on

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About our creators Richard Johansson

Richard Johansson  – Game Reviews and Research

Richard is our casino games specialist, having worked for almost 10 years in two of the greatest game creation studios to date. He also has more than 8 years of experience within affiliation. Richard`s main focus has always been on the greatest gaming experience. And he claims to have played every single online slot that is available in Europe. However, if he actually know and remember every single game he has played we are unsure. But so far we have not been able to topple his extensive knowledge about online slots. He said: “There are few things that make me happier than great games being created. And I am blessed with the dream job! Every day I get to test and play the newest games on the market. Thus, I also get to give my opinion on whether these are good or bad games. has become my second home and I can’t wait for what is to come.” If you would ever have any questions about online slots. Or which game you should play, or stay away from, Richard is the guru with answers.

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About our creators

Andy Martin – Designer and Responsible Gaming Expert

Andy, or Andrew as is his full name, has been working in iGaming for almost 15 years. He started of in the world of sportsbook, before moving into the online casino space. He also has a background in compliance and responsible gaming, making his portfolio a perfect fit for Being the oldest in the team has made Andy somewhat of a father figure. But do not let his age fool you, Andy is always the one pointing out new technology and innovation. As a self-thought app developer and site manager, he is showing that you are never too old to follow your dreams. As he said: “I have always been interested in learning everything about anything. But focusing in on specific areas make it a lot easier to consume knowledge. My biggest wish was to be working remotely to be able to spend more time with my kids. Meanwhile being able to utilize my passion for online casino and sportsbook. However, I also wanted to keep learning new things, which I am enabled to do at

Contact:  [email protected] will guide you through anything about top online casinos

There are many great people working within this awesome team, and not everyone has gotten a big introduction like above. This does not mean that they are not valued. And a huge part of what makes the best place to find the top online casinos. We have slot game testers, casino testers, designers and content creators. All who work hard every day of the week to give you the best possible way into online gambling. We thrive in looking for that online casino that gives you everything you need in one place. If you want to learn more about how we review casinos or how we review games. Then you should check out the links below. With a combined experience stretching over hundreds of years within iGaming, there are no limits to what we can achieve. Which also gives you the best content, the best bonuses and a simple way to the best online casinos for your country.

About payment options – Let us at show you the way

Payments is one of those essential things for giving you a top-notch casino experience. You want the deposits to be fast and without fees. And you want your withdrawals or payouts to arrive promptly to your bank account. These can be hard to come by, depending on where you live. So our team of dedicated payment specialists, tests new types of payment methods every day. We also focus on updating information about our casino partners. So that we ensure that you always have the best options to choose from. Not only when it comes to finding that big bonus you want, but also your new favorite online casino. Therefor, our specialists go through every single step of any casino players journey. This is to make sure that everything is ready for you to play, without any hassle or issues. This is one of the core parts of how we review casinos, and any casino listed at is tested thoroughly.

How we review casinos

How we review casinos

How we review games

How we review games