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How to use credit or debit card for depositing and withdrawing in online casinos

Credit and Debit cards in Online Casinos

Credit or debit card: everyone has one! This is what makes it the most used payment method in online casinos. It`s widely accepted, fast and safe to move your deposits and winnings back to your bank. So if you have a credit or debit card and you want to play in an online casino. Then you should definitely go with this payment method. It`s safer for you, which is why gambling higrollers go with the credit card deposit option.

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How do I transfer funds in an online casino with credit or debit card

Withdraw with Revolut from online casino

How to deposit in online casino with Credit or Debit card

For you the process of depositing is the same whether you use Visa, Master, American Express or any credit or debit cards. But your bank must allow online gambling activities for you to be able to deposit in an online casino. Let`s go through the steps together:

1.   Log in to your casino account and head to the cashier.
2.  Enter your card details.
3.  Choose the amount of money you want to deposit and approve the payment.
4.  Funds appear to your casino account almost instantly.

Depositing with Revolut in online casino

How to withdraw your casino winnings with Credit or Debit card

When you used a card for depositing, it`s common practice that online casinos request you to withdraw winnings back to the same card. This is commonly practiced among reputable casinos due to anti-money laundering requirements. And withdrawing to your debit card is as simple as depositing from it. But keep in mind that withdrawals to MasterCard might however be declined. This due to or prolonged due to rigorous checks on transactions done by MasterCard. Let`s go through the steps of withdrawing:

1.   Head to the casino withdrawal section and choose your card type.
2.  Enter your card details.
3.  Choose the amount of money you want to withdraw and approve.
4.  Funds appear in your bank account normally within 3-5 business days. Credit card withdrawals might take longer.

Credit / Debit card PROS

  • High level of security
  • Almost all casinos accept debit and credit card deposits
  • Very convenient and familiar to most people dealing with general online card payments
  • Widely accepted in both in banks and online casinos

Credit / Debit card CONS

  • Some rates and fees might apply (see below)
  • Withdrawal times might be lenghty especially for credit cards
  • Withdrawals to Master Cards might often be denied

Countries available

Although credit and debit cards are widely used in online casinos, for instance UK players cannot use credit cards to gamble online. Also not all Canadian banks allow online casino credit card transactions. It is also hard to find US online casinos that allow Master Card payments. Bottom line is: Before depositing in online casino, make a quick contact to casino support to clarify restricted payment methods in your region. In case running into one, there are abundance of other payment methods available in every country, so no worries at all.  

Bank card fees when gambling in online casinos

First thing perhaps to make sure is that your bank doesn’t apply any gambling transactions related charges or interest fees. Most online casinos do not charge any fees for using credit cards, however few online casinos might charge players a percentage 2% – 3% as a processing fee for transactions. When dealing with new unfamiliar casino, make sure you check terms and conditions in casino's payment section.

Who should use cards for gambling?

Credit or Debit cards are perfect for instance when dealing with new unfamiliar casinos, as the security level that banks and credit cards provide cannot be compared to any other payment methods. It is risk free. Another factor is that deposits are instant. Thanks to it’s convenience and high encryptions level, it is most widely used method, familiar and accepted by everyone.

Casino bonuses when using credit or debit card

Using credit or debit card in online casinos does not have any impact on bonuses nor welcome packages. Any player who makes their first deposit using credit or debit card are most eligible for claiming their welcome bonuses, cashbacks or free spins

Type of bank cards used in online casinos


VISA debit card is most recognisable and commonly used card in the world. Same goes to online casinos: VISA debit card is most popular and allows both instant deposits as well as withdrawals (withdrawlas times to VISA debit card varies between 1-3 days). 
VISA debit card is irreplaceable what comes to online casino fund transactions. It is most commonly used all over the world, in Europe and USA. VISA debit cards are very secure, very convenient and most of the online casino cases, no fees are applied. Only disadvanage of using VISA debit card in online casinos is that your own bank might limit, reject or apply fees on online gambling related transactions.  


MasterCard, VISA,  Maestro,  Amex,  American Express are most commonly used in online casinos for depositing funds. Credit card deposits take the least amount of effort of any deposit method. Simply enter your card details, submit your funds appear to your online casino account within seconds.
Credit card transactions are extremely safe thanks to high level encryption technologies and same encryptions are also used in online casinos.
What comes to fees applied on credit card online transactions, US casinos are in general charging fees on credit and debit card deposits more than international casinos. Fees are varying between 2-4% for Visa and MasterCard, while for Amex credit card they can be as high as even up to 12%. Here, US players have in general shorter end of the stick with credit/debit cards: most of US bank don’t even allow online gambling related transactions. In this case, US players can try another bank or alternative payment methods, such as eWallets. In international online casino arena, this is not an issue. 

Using credit card in online casinos has a minor inconvenience: most players can’t use credit cards for withdrawals (that goes especially for players from US). For experienced players this fact is familiar and doesn’t even cause inconvenience, as there are other methods to use for withdrawals – bank wire, money transfer etc.

Credit or Debit card Casino bonuses

Credit or Debit card casino welcome bonuses

A casino welcome bonus can come in many shapes and forms and good news is using debit or credit cards in online casinos does not limit getting any sort of bonuses, whether it is new players welcome offer, cash backs, free spins or reload bonuses. If you take an offer of deposit bonus, for instance 200% topped up on your first deposit, you will receive extra money to play for!  If you deposit €100 and claim your 200% deposit bonus, you now have €300 to play for even though you just deposited €100. With most of online casinos however you will not only get a deposit bonus, but also bunch of free spins included in new players welcome package. here are normally wagering requirements on any casino welcome bonus, which means that you have to place bets according to the requirements to turn the bonus money into real cash that you can withdraw. A standard requirement is 35x wagering on your initial deposit, meaning that if you took a 100% deposit bonus with €200, you will have to place spin slots or place bets for a total of €7000, but when that is done, whatever you have in your balance will turn into real money. You can claim these offers from one of our hand-picked online casinos today, find the bonus that suits you best.   –   BEST WELCOME BONUSES WITH CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS

Credit or Debit card casino free spins

Most popular form of bonus is free spins, where you get free game rounds on one or multiple online slots. These free spins are often combined with a deposit bonus made with credit or debit cards, meaning that you get extra cash to play for on your first deposit, as well as free spins to enjoy on your favourite games. If that is not enough, you can also receive huge amounts of free spins on multiple games. These type of bonuses often come with wagering requirements. At this day, more and more online casinos offer wager-free free spins to keep things simple as most players don’t not like to be stuck to wagering requirements. These types of wager free bonuses enables you to keep all your winnings as pure cash, which means you can withdraw it right away. It is also an option through some of our select few partners, to get a no-deposit bonus, which means you get free spins to play with without doing any deposit.     FACTS & BEST FREE SPINS OFFERS

Credit or Debit card casino casbacks

Using credit or debit card in your online casino gives you right to claim your cashback, in case your online casino offer it to its players. Cashback is a percentage of your losses that you get back into your casino account. It is one of the more popular bonuses out there, as it is normally without any wagering requirements, and it feels good to get up to 25% Cashback when the luck has not been on your side. There are even casinos now that have set up a sort of “piggy bank”, where your Cashback steadily trickles in. The cool thing about this, is that you do not have to break the bank or fiddle around with some sharp object to open it, you simply play until you feel like it is time to cash in, and then you can either withdraw your funds or continue playing with a better bankroll.  –  FACTS & BEST CASHBACK CASINOS

Credit card casino FAQ

Can credit card be used in online casinos?

Most online casinos at this day widely approve credit cards as a payment method. When you start playing in new online casino, we recommend you first find all their accepted payment methods for both deposits and also for withdrawals from casino's Payment section or contact casino support for further information.

Are there transaction fees for credit card deposits or withdrawals?

Most online casinos don't charge any transactional fees for using credit cards for depositing or withdrawing your winnings. However, few online casinos out there might charge players a percentage 2% – 3% as a processing fee for transactions. When dealing with new unfamiliar casino, make sure you check terms and conditions in casino's payment section. Another thing to check is that your bank doesn’t apply any gambling transactions related charges or interest fees. If both cases are fee free, you are good to go on and use your credit or debit card in online casino!

How long does it take for my funds to be transferred from my card to my casino account?

The beauty of depositing with a credit or debit card in online casinos is that your money appear in your casino account immediately! This enables you to play right away, with no hassle or wait time. With other payment options you sometime have to wait for hours or even days before you can play.

How long does it take to withdraw winnings to my debit or credit card?

What come to withdrawing with debit card, the average time for winnings to appear from your casino account to your bank is approximately 1-3 business days. Withdrawing with credit card might be a slightly longer process due to lots of verifications or in worst case such as MasterCard, there is no possibility to withdraw your winnings back to  your credit card. In this case, casino allows you to use another method, such as eWallet or bank transfer.