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What is Cashback Casino Bonus and how does it work?

A Cashback Casino Bonus is a percentage of your losses that is credited back to you. And these range from 1% and all the way up to 50%! So if you`re unlucky one week and lose €1000, you can get €500 in cash right back into your account. Therefor, this is the best way to get some money back in your account. And this is money you can either withdraw or continue playing with. However, casinos paying out your cashback, can be daily, weekly, or even monthly. But the best thing about this bonus is that you get an extra edge when it`s not going too well. Also, it`s good for the casino to keep players around. So keep on reading to learn more about Cashback and how you can get the best offers for yourself. READ MORE


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Top Cashback Casinos in 2022

Casino Friday logo

Casino Friday

  • No-Sticky Welcome Bonus!
  • Very fair bonus terms
  • Most popular at 2022
  • Fantastic bonus offers

100% Bonus up to 500€
+ 200 free spins

Joo Casino logo

Joo Casino

  • Excellent variety of
    payment methods

  • Best Reload bonus program
  • Runs perfectly on mobile

​Bonus up to 1800€
+ 150 free spins

N1 Casino logo

N1 Casino

  • Winnings paid out fast
  • Players choice
  • Multiple currencies
  • Good selection of bonuses

Bonus up to 400€
+ 200 free spins

How much Cashback can I get from an online casino?

The highest Cashback percentage that we have come across in a cashback casino bonus offer is 50%. But there are certain VIP levels that can unlock bonuses even larger than that. So it depends on how much you are gambling for. And the most common way that Cashback is distributed, is that you get a percentage of your net losses back as cash. However, some casinos give you the Cashback in bonus money. Which means that these bonus funds have to be wagered for you to withdraw. Also, some casinos have a cap on how much you can get in Cashback for each period. And that means that there is a max amount that you can get back. Therefor, we recommend that you check the bonus terms before you claim a Cashback offer. So that you are sure that it is set up the way you want it.

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Cashback Bonuses – Instant, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

There are many different ways online casinos pay out your Cashback Bonus Offer. And the most common ones are either; Instantly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. So if you lose €200 during a week. And you are on a weekly Cashback plan with 20% Cashback, you will at the end of that week receive €40. The same will apply for you on a Daily, or Monthly setup as well. However, it is important to note that some casinos will not grant you Cashback offers if you have a Net positive history. This means that you have won more historically than you have lost.

Instant Payout or Piggy Bank Wallet

With Instant Cashback, you will receive your cash straight away, on ever single spin or bet. And the most common way of doing this, is that you have an “extra” wallet. So it works like a piggy bank, where your Cashback trickle in on every spin. When you are happy with what you have gathered, you can cash out those funds to your main balance. However most of these types of Instant Cashbacks does come with a much lover percentage of return, usually around 0,5%.

Can I withdraw my bonus from the online casino?

For most Cashback offers you will be given your cash without wagering, which means you can choose to withdraw the money straight away. But some online casinos give the Cashback as bonus money that needs to be wagered. And we definitely recommend the first option where no wagering is required. Since that is how we believe the Cashback Bonus Offer should work, simple and easy to understand. This is why it is so important that you read the bonus terms carefully, so that no surprises arise after you have started to play.

Some offers are with wagering requirements

Cashback offers with a very high percentage 20% and more, usually comes with some wagering requirements. This can potentially make it hard for you to be able to withdraw your money, as you have to wager the bonus funds for example 40 times. But in some cases it could be beneficial, if you manage to win big with your bonus money. And get through the wagering requirements, a bigger withdrawal could be the end result.

Can I get Cashback together with another type of Bonus?

Some online casinos offer multiple bonuses at the same time. Meaning that you can expect your cashback, even after you have gotten a reload bonus or deposit bonus. But in some cases the Cashback Bonus Offer is attached to wagering requirements, and it is important that you read their bonus terms. So that you are sure that you go with the bonus that you want. However, most of our casino partners operate with no-wagering on the Cashback. And that means you can withdraw the money as soon as it is credited to you. But if you are looking for a bonus to boost your initial deposit on a new casino. Then you can take advantage of our exclusive welcome bonus selection instead. Many online casino sites are offering limited bonuses and offers after your initial welcome offer. And Cashback is one of those exceptions.