Gambling licenses for online casino operators

When signing up to a new casino, one of the key things to pay attention to is what license the casino operator is holding, that allows them to offer online gambling, casino games, sports book or other gambling services. Unlicensed operators have extreme risk when it comes to getting your rightful winnings, the games and software might be corrupted and in general there is no upside for you as a player gambling at an unlicensed casino. There are however also differences between different gambling licenses and we will go through the most important ones for you in detail, and talk more about what makes them good, how they protect you as a player and what to look out for when choosing a new online casino to start gambling or betting.  

Malta Gaming Authority gaming licence

MGA – Malta Gaming Authority on online casinos

MGA or the Malta Gaming Authority, is the strongest non country specific gaming license on the market. And any online casino that holds a valid MGA license are under strict regulation, and have to follow clear guidelines on how to operate legitimately and in a fair manner.

The MGA is known for the wide variety of licenses they offer, which are divided into four different gaming license classes:

Class 1: A remote gaming license which includes casino games, online lotteries and skill games, and is for gambling operators responsible for the risk based on repetitive games. An online casino that offers slots and live casino will be holding this Class 1 license.

Class 2: A remote betting license which includes odds betting, pool betting and spread betting, and is for operators responsible for the risk on events based on a matchbook or sports book. An online betting site offering odds on sports or esports will be holding this Class 2 license.

Class 3: A license to promote or offer remote gaming in or from Malta which includes poker networks, Peer-2-Peer gaming and game portals.  and is for operators receiving commission from promoting and/or betting games

Class 4: A license to host and manage remote gaming operators, excluding the licensee itself, and is for software vendors.
No matter what kind of online gaming service a company intends to offer, MGA has an offer for them through the Class 4 license, unless covered by one of the above three licenses. If an online gaming site intends to offer Bingo, Casino, Lottery, Poker, Sports Betting or Sweep Stakes, all will be covered by MGA from a legal perspective.

There are also B2B licenses granted by MGA, also known as Business to Business licenses. We will not go into details about these, considering these are not relevant to any casino players, except that they are needed for Game Studios, to be able to offer and have their slots and live casino games certified for MGA licensed casinos.

If you ever need to get in touch with the MGA here are their contact details, as well as website for support questions.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +356 2546 9000

Can players outside of Europe play in MGA licensed online casinos?

The short answer is Yes, but there are certain restrictions based on specific countries. That being said, unless there is a law in your local jurisdiction that prohibits you from participating in gambling with a casino operator that is licensed abroad, you can play on MGA licensed casinos from anywhere.

Are winnings from MGA casinos tax free for players from EU countries?

Yes, there is no tax on winnings from MGA casinos, as long as you reside in the European Union. It is important to note that some countries within the EU have local licenses, and there might be specific tax legislation's that affect you differently if your country have a national license system.

Is gambling with cryptocurrency allowed in MGA licensed casinos?

MGA has not publicly endorsed the use of Cryptocurrencies for online gambling, but there are many online casinos that hold a MGA license, while offering Cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This means that you in theory can gamble with cryptocurrency at a MGA licensed casino, but you will see that most casinos offering Cryptocurrency as payment is holding a different license. We do believe that MGA will come out endorsing the use of Cryptocurrencies for gambling in the near future. 

Malta Gaming Authority gaming licence

Curacao eGaming License on online casinos

Curacao is situated in the Dutch Caribbean and was formerly known as the Netherlands Antilles. This is one of the oldest running online gambling regulators, and is thus very widely used by online casinos around the world. Their licenses can be recognised by the logos you see in the top if this segment, as well as their JAZ license numbers. Most Curacao licensed casinos are reputable and choose this form of licensing because it is cheaper than MGA, as well as being known to have a more lenient process when it comes to auditing casinos. However, any casino that holds a valid Curacao eGaming license has been through the initial investigation process and should be regularly audited by Curacao authorities. Here are some key reasons why online casinos choose Curacao eGaming license:

  • Getting approved for a Curacao eGaming license is very easy, and does require a lot less auditory work than other licenses. This could mean that some casino operators that are operating with this type of license are not living up to the standards of other licensing authorities, but any Curacao licensed casino promoted on have been fully vetted and certified by our casino experts.
  • It has a very attractive price level for getting the license and online casinos choose this option mostly due to the low costs involved.
  • Very low taxes is another reason why online casinos would choose Curacao eGaming as their licencor. When an online casino is utilising this type of eGaming license, they are subjected to only 2%(!!) corporate tax, with a 0%(!!) tax on gross incoming wagers. These very beneficial tax levels are guaranteed to stay at this level through 2022 and all the way until 2026.
  • They offer flexible and favourable conditions of use for the online casino, as they offer a one size fits all solution for the license.
  • Curacao offers casinos a lot of financial and banking services, along with technical assistance and consulting support.
  • Cryptocurrency is embraced by Curacao, which makes it great for anyone that that utilises cryptocurrency for gambling. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies flourish in the online gambling space and most of these casinos hold a Curacao license.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +5999 465 1134

Can players from all over the world play in Curacao licensed online casinos?

One of the upsides of playing at a Curacao licensed online casino is that you can access them from pretty much every part of the world. This means that it does not matter if you are located in a country with strict regulation or restrictions, you can in most cases sign up and play nonetheless.

Is gambling with cryptocurrency allowed in Curacao licensed casinos?

Not only is gambling with cryptocurrency allowed when playing at Curacao licensed casinos, it is in fact one of the most common payment options you will find. Just make sure that you choose one of the carefully vetted and researched Curacao casinos presented here on We recommend that because Curacao casinos have historically had a bad reputation for not living up to the standards that our readers deserve. Of course this does not mean that all Curacao casinos are bad, and we only list the absolute top Curacao casinos where you can play with Crypto.

Disadvantages when gambling at an online Curacao casino

The main thing that sticks out with Curacao casinos is how easy it is for casino operators to get. This means that you need to carefully select these types of casinos, considering that anyone starting a gambling site will be able to afford the fees and make it through the initial investigation.

Historically there have been instances where casinos licensed by Curacao have stolen money, and disappeared. The regulators rarely, if ever, intervene in disputes between players and operators. So we claim that from the player’s point of view, a Curacao license is not giving you any improvements.

Naturally there are many safe and reputable online casinos and gambling sites that are licensed through Curacao. These casinos however will not automatically get any seal of approval from us at least, and they need to be carefully tested and audited to be listed with us. It is in many ways a good thing when a Curacao casino stays around for a long time and becomes popular, because that means the casino have proven themselves by operating with a “disadvantage”.

If you have signed up at a Curacao licensed casino in the past and run into any trouble with your account, or have questions that you want answered you can always contact them directly. It is very easy to get a hold of them, and their website is quite explanatory. Above you find their contact details and website in case you want to explore this further.

Spelinspektionen - Swedish Gambling Authority

Spelinspektionen – Swedish Gambling Authority

The SGA or Spelinspektionen is the national regulator in Sweden, that grants licenses to operators through a strict and thorough licensing process. Casino operators that hold this type of license have to abide by strict regulation, and player protection, as well as anti money laundering rules are some of the key areas to promote safe gambling. Let's have a closer look at what makes the Swedish regulation reputable, what it means for you as a player, and why we recommend that Swedes play at SGA licensed online casinos.

You would think that the first thing any gambling licensing institution should do is to protect the players. That is not the case for all licenses, but for the Swedish national license scheme, it is a key pillar in the legislation. This at it's core means protecting your personal information and the information about your financial transactions. This means that your personal data is safe and only SGA and the online casino will ever have access to it. There are also specific layers of requirement for all online casinos that hold a SGA license, on how the casino should carefully protect your data from the likes of cyber-attacks, as well as strict laws on never to disclose or share your information. Another key part of player protection, is ensuring you are at good health and that gambling does not become a problem. Gambling addiction is according to the SGA a big problem, and thus also a key part in their strict “Duty of Care” requirements making sure that casinos don’t support problem gambling or take advantage of vulnerable players.

SGA also makes sure that all gambling that takes place at any of their licensed casinos are absolutely fair, and that all the games are fully licensed and yearly certified for their RTP and integrity. The integrity part includes, but is not limited to, that random number generators are balanced and accurate, that a the clear and true picture is given of the chances of winning in slots or live casino games.

Another part that Spelinspektionen takes very seriously is to make sure that every krona you are depositing into an online casino is guaranteed for and stays safe. Any online casino that wants to be granted a SGA license, they must demonstrate and prove how they keep your money safe, and what would happen if a “worst case scenario” would occur, and how they would still keep your funds guaranteed. There are many unlicensed casino operators targeting Sweden, and the Swedish Gambling Authority tries their best to block transactions to unlicensed casinos, by targeting payment providers and sanctioning them if they do not follow their guidelines.

The Swedish Gambling Authority is firm that it is the gambling operators responsibility to abide by their legislation. This means that they will hold any licensed casino accountable for any illegal act or any violations to their legislation. All of the casino operators are fully aware that there is no getting out of it if they are violating the regulatory guidelines and rules, which makes a licensed Swedish online casino one of the safest places to gamble for real money.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone:  +46 0152-650 100

Can online casinos used other licenses than the SGA to operate in Sweden?

The Swedish Gaming Act and the legislation surrounding the SGA license in Sweden, is very clear that any gambling site or online casino must have a SGA license to target Swedish players. This however has become a question about definition, is allowing Swedish players to play on an English site targeting? Without going into too much of the definitions, the short answer would be no, and that any casino offering online slots and betting to Swedish players must have a SGA license. There are however many online casinos that allow Swedish players to play, but the site is not offered with Swedish language, and there is no direct marketing targeting Swedish players.

What makes Swedish licensed casinos so safe for players?

The Swedish Gambling Authority holds the gambling operators responsible for abiding by the legislation, and firmly punishes any discrepancies or non-compliance. This means that they will always hold any licensed casino accountable for any violations to the legislation. There are thorough checks and audits performed for any online casino to be able to get the license in the first place. After the initial approval the SGA will do further testing and audits, to ensure that the casino lives up to their promises of keeping player funds securely stored, maintaining player safety as a focus area and that there are no violations made towards the Duty of Care. These parts make a SGA licensed online casino one of the safest places to gamble for real money.

Can Swedish players play in any other online casinos?

There are as mentioned many online casinos that allow Swedish players to play on their site, but the Swedes have to find the online casino on their own, and not be targeted directly through marketing. Naturally with knowledgeable sites like, we help you navigate the ocean of online casinos, so that you find exactly the online casino or betting site that fulfils your needs and wishes. We recommend that you check out our list of top online casinos for Swedish players here.

UKGC licensed casinos

United Kingdom Gambling Commission

This is one the strictest and most secure of all the gambling licenses, and much of this is due to how the Great Britain takes online gambling activities very seriously. What also makes this one of the most secure, is that the online gambling laws are clear and well-written. They continuously update their legislation and have very strict requirements to protect players. This licensing regime is for sure one of the world’s most reputable within online gambling. Many more recent national gambling licenses have looked to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission for guidance, and used their regulations as a benchmark for the new.
UKGC regulates online gambling as well as hands out licenses to international casinos through a very strict set of rules and legislation's. The UKGC issues three different types of licenses to betting operators that wish to offer gambling services in the UK. These three licenses granted by the UKGC are an operating license, a personal management license, and a personal functional license.
The activities and services covered by the UKGC licenses are the following:

  • Arcades
  • Betting
  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Gaming software
  • Gaming machines and slots
  • Lotteries

As a player residing in the UK, you will be pleased to know that UKGC licensed casinos are among the safest and most regulated on the planet. Keep on reading to find out more about UKGC, online casinos for British players and what makes it a strong and reputable license. If you ever need to get in touch with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, there contact details are here:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 0121 230 6666

Can British players play at non UKGC license online casinos?

Any casino or betting operator that offers remote gambling services online and advertise them to the British people, are always required to get a license from the UK Gambling Commission. This does not apply if they do not advertise their services to the British directly, which means that you could play at a non UKGC licensed casino if you choose to do so yourself.

What makes the UKGC licensed casinos so safe for players?

Firstly, the UK Gambling Commission have key focus on player protection, fair gaming, funds protection, and operator responsibilities. We will now go through these in detail.

Protection of players is at the top of the list for the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and this involves that your personal and financial information is properly protected, not shared with third parties (unless confirmed in the Terms & Conditions) and is not going to be stolen. As well as protecting you against gambling addiction, at least trying to ensure that all licensed casinos take gambling addiction very seriously. The UKGC also make great efforts to keep minors away from gambling and trying to decrease the popularity of online gambling.

Making sure that the games are fair is another very important part of what is checked by the UKGC before issuing the license to the casino. They check their Random Number Generators, and also audits and certifies the game providers to ensure that you as a player have a real chance of winning. It is also a requirement that the Return to Player rate for every game is easily accessible and clearly visible, so you always know what to expect in terms of chances of winning.

Keeping your money safe is something you can rest assured that the UK Gambling commission makes sure to guarantee. They continuously audit and verify whether the players’ funds are keeping separately from the casino’s operational funds. They also regulate the payment service providers, that can be used for online gambling in the country.

The last part of what makes UKGC licensed casinos so safe for players is the core principle of the UKGC. That the casino operator is always responsible and accountable for any action taken in relation to the player. This means that if there is an issue or if a player wants to file a complaint, they can fill in the form on the UKGC website. Rest assured that any complaints received at the desk of the UKGC is taken very seriously, and if there has been wrongdoing, the online casino will for sure be reprimanded.

What does the United Kingdom Gambling Commission do?

The governing body of the UK gaming license, UKGC regulates and rules all casinos operating in Great Britain. They also ensure that online casinos operating in or towards the UK, must own the UK gaming license and comply with the rules set by the UK Gambling Commission.

The UK Gambling Commission is there to protect players and their funds. They have in the more recent years started to take the regulation further, while regulating and monitoring other aspects of gambling in the UK too. Here are some of the key responsibilities that the UK Gambling Commission currently focus their efforts on:

  • Anti-money Laundering
  • Player Protection
  • Ensuring fair RNG in games
  • Monitoring products & operations
  • Promotion of Responsible Gaming
  • Preventing Minors from Gambling
  • Setting regulations and guidelines for advertising
  • Privacy and Data protection according to GDPR

No wonder they are busy, and no wonder it is a lot of work for online casinos that hold a UKGC license, but in the end it is all to keep you as a casino player safe.

Online casinos with Estonian gambling license

Republic Of Estonia, Tax and Customs Board

As opposed to many other post-soviet countries, Estonia is a mature, regulated market. The country has been very good at working closely with the gambling industry, to ensure that the business can thrive, ensure player protection, and create revenue for the Estonian government. Estonia has also firmly stated that having a well thought through and regulated gambling legislation, diminish the negative socio-economic impact associated with excessive gambling. This all while ensuring that the service, which is a form of entertainment, is available through a legal and regulated offer to players.
Estonia offers two types of licenses, one for casinos, and another for betting companies. Both licenses require the applying company to be a trustworthy legal person, without any criminal record or history of previous illegal gambling activities.
Gambling companies that apply for the license need to have a certain share capital, which totals, €130,000 for sportsbooks, and €1,000,000 for casinos. Another reason why more and more online casinos apply for the Estonian license, is that establishing an Estonian company is not required.

Another reason for many online casinos choosing the Estonian licenses is the low taxes on the money made. Casino operators pay taxes on their “net gaming revenues”, meaning total wagers placed, minus winnings paid out. For both betting and online games of chance, which includes cards and slots, the tax rate is 5%, calculated on a monthly basis.
Besides the Gambling Act and the Gambling Tax Act, the licensing process is affected by the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act and the General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act. If you want to contact the Tax and Customs Board, or have questions relating to an Estonian license, here are the contact details:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +372 880 0811

Can an online casino without an Estonian license operate in Estonia?

To operate in Estonia, casino operators must hold an Estonian license. Estonia exercises its right to manage the gambling industry locally, and does not recognize licenses issued by other jurisdictions. This means that the only locally licensed casinos are allowed to operate in Estonia.

What makes Estonian licensed casinos so safe for players?

The Estonian government has been a part of the long process of ensuring a complex, yet fair gambling legislation in Estonia. This means that player safety, working against gambling addiction and protecting players are the key pillars of the legislation. If you are an Estonian playing at a licensed online casino, you will always be kept safe and your personal data will never be shared. 

Can Estonian players play in any other online casinos?

As long as the casino operator is not directly targeting Estonians, it is possible for “unlicensed” casino operators to accept Estonian casino players. We do however recommend that you play on Estonian licensed online casinos, if you reside in Estonia. If you prefer to gamble in Cryptocurrency for example, it might be good to look for alternative casinos to the locally regulated ones.

Online casinos with Ontario Gambling License

Alcohol and Gaming Commission in Ontario

Up until this point, online gambling have been falling into something of a grey area. Canadian law does not prohibit the practice of betting via the Internet, but it does however require the online casino to be licensed or owned by a provincial government in order to be considered legal. Even if this is the law, hundreds if not thousands of online casinos have targeted Canada directly and fighting for their players over the past decades. This will now change, as Ontario is releasing their own local license, that will take effect in 2022.
For you to better understand how this can affect you, let's quickly have a look at the different provinces the great nation of Canada is divided into. There are in total ten provinces, namely: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Colombia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Each of these provinces is a self-governing entity, with power granted by the federal government. This means that each province can set their own legislation, as Ontario now have decided to do.

Ontario has the highest population of all Canadian provinces, which means that it is the province with the most gamblers as well. Gambling is also a part of everyday life in Canada, and most adults gamble, either on land based casinos or online. There are more than 30 land-based casinos that are active in Ontario, and these are either privately-owned or charitable foundations run by the government. Ontario is also the province with the highest amount of slot games and other gaming devices. Horce Racing is also a big thing in Ontario, with Standard bred, Thorough Bred and Quarter Horse racing. Sportsbetting, lottery and other forms of gambling will also fall unde the new legislation that comes into play during 2022. This will impact hundreds of online casinos that does not have any plans of applying for a license, and it also creates some challenges, as the license is only for players resising in Ontario. This means that the nine remaining provinces will be up for grabs still.

We recommend that you go to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission's website, to learn more about the new licensing regime. As it is going to change Ontario forever.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 416-326-8700

Can any other licensed online casino operate in Canada?

For the time being the legislation of Ontario is not yet in place, meaning that all ten provinces is still reachable for MGA and Curacao licenses. When the regulation of Ontario comes into play, there will be one locally licensed province, and nine unregulated ones. We believe that the other provinces will follow Ontario shortly.

What makes Ontario licensed casinos so safe for players?

Considering that unlincesed operators have been targeting Canada for decades, getting a locally licensed regulator in place is key. This will ensure you as a player from Canada, and specially if you are residing in Ontario, will be kept safe. Currently it is a bit of a wild west in the gambling space in Canada, and this new regulation will surely get things in place. Please note that if you are currently playing from Canada, but on a MGA licensed casino for example, this is not considered an unlicensed casino at this time. MGA licensed casinos will also keep your personal data and money safe.

Can Canadian players play in any other online casinos?

There are no restrictions as of today for Canadians to play at online casinos that are not licensed locally in Canada. This will change for Ontarion in 2022, but if you have a casino account from before, through Curacao or MGA, you will most likely still be able to play going forward.

German online casino legislations


In January of 2022, Germany’s 16 federal states agreed to a brand-new federal gambling law. This resulted in the federal states implementing an interim solution starting July 1st, 2022, where all online casino and poker services had to go under strict regulation. This included a five second spin delay between game rounds, a maximum bet of €1 per game round, €1000 deposit limit per month across all brands of any license holder, and strict rules on how to market casino and poker. This is all part of the new German Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG), and the imposed 5.3% tax on turnover, have created an uproar in the iGaming community. Operators that want to apply for a German license, are forced to abide by these extreme legislations, but the result has also been that many online casinos have decided to not abide by the imposed restrictions.

Can other casinos that do not hold a German license operate in Germany?

The German authorities have made it very clear that any unlicensed casino or sports book operations will be prosecuted, but there will potentially still be casinos and sports books that still accept German players. Considering that the new licensing regime is not yet in effect, there are still many online casinos that accept German players, and many of these do not have the strict limitations to deposits, max bet sizes and intervals between spins.

Why does Germany choose to impose such strict regulations?

The goal of the German government and the interstate coalition, is to protect players from gambling addiction and problem gambling. If this succeeds however, is a question that is left unanswered. One of the great challenges the new legislation will face is if players that used to play on reputable online casinos now are pushed out to unlicensed and less reputable casinos. This could backfire and create an even bigger problem for the players that struggle with gambling addiction. It all comes down to how the German regulators enforce their legislation, and whether they choose to scrutinise the legit and licensed casino operators, or prosecute all the unlicensed casino operators instead.

All operators that are being granted a license, must pay a security deposit based on the company’s monthly turnover. And these deposits are ranging between €5 million and all the way up to €50 million. The regulators will allow operators to offer casino and sports betting on the same domain, but these verticals will have to be split to independent services. This means that there is no tie between the two, and the regulators have also stated that no cross marketing is allowed between casino and sports book.

As we mentioned earlier, there are many strict new rules that are imposed on the online casinos that want to operate in Germany, under the new German license. Any casino must verify customer details before any transactions or bets can be placed. The casino operators must also impose deposit limits on customers, preventing them from depositing more than €1,000 per month across all casino brands owned by the casino operator. The part that really affects you as a player in Germany is that the online slots must have a five-second interval between spins and have a maximum bet of €1 per spin.

Is it safe to play on casinos do that do not hold a German license?

We always recommend to play on casinos that have the local license of your country, but considering that this legislation is still not in place, we can still recommend MGA licensed casinos for German players. We will also keep a close eye on the new regulations in Germany, and make sure to keep you posted on the evolution of the new regulatory framework. The most important part for is to always offer you the best possible option based on your country of residence.

In the period between October 15th, 2020, and July 1st, 2021, Germany allowed certain transitional parts to be delayed, but making legitimate operators having to implement their rules and follow the regulations set out by the treaty. This has resulted in significant market share drops for the online casinos that have followed the rules and regulation, and unlicensed operators have thrived for the better half of 2021. The changes in the market, has also resulted in many operators dropping the RTP for most of their games to 90% or in some cases even lower, to be able to sustain operating in the market with the strict regulation and imposed 5.3% tax on turnover.
According to the German government, operators that were adhering to the new regulations before the treaty came into effect, will avoid prosecution, and ensure that they can apply for the license. For any operator that chose not to abide by the interim solutions during the transitional period, will most likely have any license applications refused, and risk prosecution.

While the details of the new treaty is still unclear, it will reportedly introduce a tax regime for online gambling, allow for the licensing of online casinos. They will also set up a country-wide gambling regulator, much like the UKGC operates in the UK. The latest update is that this regulator will be based out of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Division Of Gaming Enforcement New Jersey

Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey, USA

Many American states have already started legalising online gambling, and as soon as the first state went forward with approving online gambling, many more immediately followed. There are now 24 states that have legalised online gambling in some way, not all are fully approved yet, but during 2022 these 24 states will most likely all be approved and be offering online gambling. The current 24 states are as follows: Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington, Washington DC, and West Virginia.
Out of these there are only Nevada, New Jersey and Louisiana that allows casino games to be offered. This is why New Jersey has become the go-to state for online casinos wanting to enter the US market.

Online gambling has already surged in 2022 and will surely continue to grow in a parabolic rate going into 2023. As COVID-19 impacted the legislators hard when it comes to tax earnings, the remaining states will surely soon follow with legalising online gambling and thus the growth will continue. We will take you through some of the states that are currently not approved or have legalised online gambling and share our thoughts on whether they will do so soon or not.

Which states in the US are going to legalise gambling? A-H

Alabama – Online Gambling and Online casino
We must go back to 2019 for the last time that the State of Alabama passed a bill on gambling. It was a 44 pager that allowed betting on college sporting events, as well as a handful of professional sports. If they decide to fully legalise online gambling it will be the Alabama Sports Wagering Commission that regulates the sports betting. We strongly believe that Alabama will include other forms of gambling like online casino already by the end of 2021 or at the latest in the beginning of 2022. They are currently operating with a 10% tax return which can be said to be quite average.

Alaska – Online Gambling and Online casino
The large state of Alaska passed two gambling bills in 2020, where they legalised sports betting in the form of lotteries. This means that Alaskans can buy lottery tickets to gamble on sports but cannot participate in online betting. By the end of 2021 we suspect that they will open for online betting, and then during 2022 introduce further legal verticals like online casino and slot games.

Arizona – Online Gambling and Online casino
In Arizona a bill passed in 2019 allow federal approved companies to offer sports betting, but no other operators may provide such services. This clearly limits the current market, and there does not seem to be much movement in changing this, nor enabling a legal way to play online casinos or slot games. We are on the fence on whether Arizona is going to push any new legislation to enable more gambling during 2021 or 2022 and believe that they might be among the last to do so.

California – Online Gambling and Online casino
The State of California regulates most gaming activities to protect consumers, which means that they currently do not differentiate between gambling or no gambling within gaming. They put skill-based games in the same category as luck-based games. For any sensible gambler this would not make much sense, and there is currently a referendum in place, where we believe that legalization of gambling will be in place during 2022.

Connecticut – Online Gambling and Online casino
Connecticut had a referendum in place back in 2017 to attempt legalizing online gambling. This ill was introduced in 2018, but the session closed without any votes. We expect the topic to be revisited soon and considering that there are new discussions surrounding the topic, we expect Connecticut to legalise online gambling during 2022 at the earliest.

Florida – Online Gambling and Online casino
We believe that Florida is next in line in terms of getting gambling to the people. There were three bills filed back in 2019, stated specific conditions for accepting sports betting. This was again raised in late 2020 and progress is being made to get the bills passed, which could see it implemented before 2022.

Georgia – Online Gambling and Online casino
Georgia has already introduced a bill back in 2019 relating to the increased appetite for online gambling. The bill focuses mainly on sports betting and not so much on casino games. They clearly want a federal-issues license regime, where there should be a limitation to how many permits can be allowed. They have decided to move forward with the draft, and the last update was that there will only be 10 licensing permits up for grabs.

Hawaii – Online Gambling and Online casino
There are no legal forms of gambling currently in Hawaii, but after presenting a new bill that outlines the state’s interest in sports betting and its implementation of such gambling services. They want everything handled internally within the state, and plan to set up a local sports betting corporation that will regulate and oversee the betting industry. Considering that this bill is still under consideration, we do not see that Hawaii will introduce online casino any time soon.

Which states in the US are going to legalise gambling? K-M

Kansas – Online Gambling and Online casino
Kansas started off with obtaining rights for a national lottery for betting on games, but there are severe limitations and few competitions. There was a new bill presented in 2019, where they wanted to expand the existing license to online gambling, and betting on sport events. They are still pushing back and forth in the legislator’s office, debating whether they want to move forward with online gambling in Kansas. We do not foresee that Kansas will offer online casino soon but are hopeful that they will get things moving in 2022.

Kentucky – Online Gambling and Online casino
Kentucky is known for the horse racing, and this was one of the key arguments for why sports betting would be a good fit for the state. This was presented back in 2017, where they wanted high level sporting events to be the focus, and not for college sports. The licensing fee was set to 250,000 USD, and even though there were two more bills introduced in 2019, as of late 2021, there is still no progress. We expect Kentucky to start their licensing of online casino and gambling in 2022.

Louisiana – Online Gambling and Online casino
Similarly, to Kentucky, Louisiana tried to expand its horse race betting component, and move forward with sports betting as a first step. They pushed quite heavily on introducing more horse track ranges, as well as several land-based casinos, but nothing has yet to happen in terms of online gambling, like sports books or online casino in Louisiana.

Maine – Online Gambling and Online casino
For some reason Maine is still not allowing online gambling on casino or sports books, even though they pushed through a bill allowing esports betting back in 2019. Regretfully the governor overturned the vote and demanded further discussions on the topic for the bill to pass. As of late 2021, nothing has yet to happen, but we foresee that Main will license online gambling during 2022.

Maryland – Online Gambling and Online casino
Maryland’s battle for online gambling started in 2018, with House Bill No. 989 requesting a task force to study and determine the potential effect of sports betting. It proposed a wagering license for operators to provide gambling services, with the legal age limit set at 21. The motion hasn’t moved forward since then, but we predict it might change in the coming year.

Massachusetts – Online Gambling and Online casino
Massachusetts has been trying had to introduce online gambling since 2018, but even with a clear white paper created, The Senate ruled that further study was needed. The state is still debating whether sports betting should be allowed before online casino, which seems to be routed most states take. We believe that Massachusetts will offer online gambling from 2022, as they were the first state to even introduce Fantasy Sports.

Minnesota – Online Gambling and Online casino
They pushed as most other states for a bill on online gambling in 2018, but discussions have stopped since then. The supervisory commission would be the organ to grant licenses and manage sports betting integrity. Considering that we have heard no news on updated bills, and no news on any progress for the past few years, we are not getting our hopes up about online casino anytime soon in Minnesota.

Missouri – Online Gambling and Online casino
Known for their river boat casinos, this state would be a natural choice for online casinos as well. There are even companies that are already approved to offer betting on fantasy and team sports fantasy wagering. Fantasy Premier League, Fantasy NBA, Fantasy NHL, Fantasy NFL, and others have become a craze around the world. Missouri is clearly pushing a hot gambling option through, which should mean that online casino could be next in line. Supreme Court has had several hearings where bills requesting to expand the industry into online gambling for sports betting and casino games, but so far it has not come to fruition. Due to COVID-19 many of these bills have been stalled, and we believe that 2022 will be year for when at least Sports Betting will be legal in Missouri, with online casino following soon after.

Which states in the US are going to legalise gambling? N-Z

Nebraska – Online Gambling and Online casino
Nebraska has a bill presented from 2020 stating that sports betting is a game of skill, and not to be considered a game of luck. This means that they are clearly trying to push sports betting forward in the state, and that online casino, which clearly is a game of luck, will not follow anytime soon. 2022 will be the year that Nebraska licenses sports betting, but we are not seeing online casino being offered any time soon.

North Dakota – Online Gambling and Online casino
On the topic of games of skill, North Dakota beat Nebraska by placing a bill in 2019 stating exactly that. It was called for that the North Dakota Attorney General is to oversee sports gambling in the state, which has not yet been approved. Considering that many states have already regulated online gambling, we strongly believe that at least sports betting will be offered in 2022. Online casino in North Dakota will probably not be offered in 2022.

Ohio – Online Gambling and Online casino
Another state that stepped up the game of getting sports book regulated in 2018, when they introduced a new bill to the General Assembly, was naturally Ohio. There was a proposal of developing the sports gambling industry, with benefits to the economy as one of the key selling points. There is clearly progress in Ohio to get online gambling regulated, and sports betting is however so far, the only segment discussed. We predict that online casino will be regulated and licensed later, so we first wait for online gambling through sports betting being offered in Ohio.

South Carolina – Online Gambling and Online casino
Betting on Professional sports is pretty much the only thing discussed so far, meaning that even the sports betting segment will be limited when regulated. This means that online casino and slots probably will not happen anytime soon, but we are hopeful to at least see the first stage of online betting seeing the light of day during 2022.

South Dakota – Online Gambling and Online casino
COVID-19 has as mentioned earlier stalled a lot of bills calling for regulation around online gambling. Back in 2019 there were many legislators that called for sports betting to be regulated, and also wanting a change in the online gambling laws. The bills forwarded was to enable both gambling on professional sports, as well as online casino games. This is a great sign that online casino can be regulated and licensed already in 2022. So online slots can soon be available to citizens of South Dakota and become one of the first states to allow online casino and sports betting.

Texas – Online Gambling and Online casino
Another state that has a bill pushed forward discussing online gambling, is the great state of Texas. They also suggested a permit fee of 250,000 USD, where the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation would receive this fee, and then be responsible for regulating and granting licenses. The tax suggested was one of the better we have seen so far in the US, proposed at 6.25% on NGR, or Net Gaming Revenue.

Vermont – Online Gambling and Online casino
Vermont chose to go a bit of a different route, with a bill presented in 2019, suggesting banning esports betting, betting on college and high school sports. They also wanted very strict measures in place to ensure that bettors would only be based in Vermont. There was also a focus on allowance of mobile betting, which would be aligned with the next generations need for a mobile betting product, but we are reluctant to get too excited, considering the strict restrictions and suggest ban on esports betting. Online casino and slots have not yet been discussed in Vermont and will probably not be regulated anytime soon.

Wyoming – Online Gambling and Online casino
A bill was put forward in 2020 to the house of representatives and suggested to legalize online gambling in Wyoming. It also suggested to ban betting on college and high school events but wanted to offer betting on professional sports. However, the legislature voted against it, meaning that regulation of online gambling is at the earliest going to happen in 2022. It will probably not happen soon though, considering that it was voted down with a large majority voting against.

Online Casino and Gambling in the US our thoughts
There are a lot of changes being done in the United States, but sadly there is still a way to go for all the states to follow up on New Jersey and other states that are leading the way. It is the opinion of the team that the regulation of online gambling in the United States will progress in due time, and that there already have been great progress over the past few years. 2022 will be the year where more states than ever will push bills for regulating online gambling and online casino. We are hopeful that any player in the US will soon have regulated and proper places to play online casino, as the current offering is sub-par and not as good as it should be. Bacon-bet will keep you updated on the newest from the United States, and any news from any of the unregulated states.

Gambling licences in different countries

Licensing and juristiction in different countries

There are many local licenses and jurisdictions for online gambling around the world, and we want you to be aware of all of them. Naturally if you live in a country where there is gambling in some form, be it lotteries, sports betting or casino, there is some form of licensing involved. Most countries have decided to go with a local license, meaning that the government would regulate the gambling scene, and let either national or international operators offer online or land based gambling in that country. Considering that there are still nations that do not have these types of local licenses in place, licenses like MGA or Curacao are very popular among online casinos. This is mostly because they open up the possibility of offering multiple markets and countries under one and the same license. We have however seen over the most recent years, that these licenses are losing options on a yearly basis, and we predict that we will end up with a fully localised licensing regime, across the globe. If you want to learn more about different jurisdictions and licenses not discussed at, you can always have a look at one of our sources, Gaming Licensing. There you will find an abundance of information, and we will also make sure to always keep you posted on the latest from the world of licensing and jurisdictions, for online betting and online casino.