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How wagering works and how you beat the casino

You need to know how wagering works, and how wagering requirements are attached to your bonuses. As one of the most annoying things any casino player can experience is when you claim a casino bonus, but you are not able to withdraw your winnings due to wagering requirements. We will take you through everything you need to know about wagering, how to get through bonus requirements and eventually what you should look out for to get that extra edge to be able to beat the casino.

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Casino Bonus Wagering Tips

In following guide we will cover how wagering works. And anything you need to know about wagering requirements for bonuses and wagering in general. Most of these requirements are not possible to fully beat, but we will share all our tips on how you can make the most out of your casino bonus. Keep on reading to learn more about how you can calculate wagering requirements in a simple way, what bonus offers you should look out for, and what you should do to increase your chances of withdrawing large amounts of money. If you follow our tips and guidance, you will never have to worry about getting your winnings from casino bonuses ever again.

How casino wagering works, tips

Tip #1: Do your research and pick the right casino!

You have pretty much already crossed off the first tip, since you are here on the tips and tricks article of Bacon.bet. All the casinos listed here are tested and verified and have great bonus terms. You can find the bonus that fits you the best, the licenses that you prefer to play with and choose among the top online casinos available. Just click and play, we have already done most of the research for you.

How to wager casino bonus

Tip #2: Read the terms and understand them

If you choose casinos from our list of top online casinos, they will all be reputable and adhere to licensing requirements. One of these requirements is to have clear and accurate terms and conditions clearly displayed, both for their games and bonuses. We can already guarantee that there is no shady fine print with any of our casino partners, but it is always good that you check for yourself. When checking the bonus terms and conditions look after the important points, in tip no 3.

Casino Wagering tips

Tip #3: When checking the bonus terms and conditions look after the following:

1.  What is the minimum deposit required?
2.  What are the wagering requirements for the bonus?
3.  Is there a cap on how much you can win or withdraw with the bonus?
4.  Is there a time limit which you must wager the bonus within?
5.  Are there games that are not eligible to be played?
6.  Is there a bet limit attached to the bonus?

Wagering best tips for casino bonus

Tip #4: Register your account and start playing

We trust that you find what you are looking for, and that the bonus offered sounds tempting. So go ahead and register your account, start playing and get that wagering going. Make sure that you check out our full list of different bonuses for your country, if you have not yet found the bonus that fits you. When you find the bonus of your choice, simply do a deposit, and claim that bonus offer.

Wagering tips and hints for online casinos

Tip #5: Find the best games to wager on

An important thing to keep in mind when choosing a slot game for bonus wagering is the RTP and the Variance. You would either go for a highly volatile slot where you can win big (if there is no win cap on your bonus). Or you would go for a slot with high RTP, and lower variance, meaning that you will have much more frequent wins, but you might not win as big as potentially on the high variance slots. This is often a safer option, if you are already happy with the amount you have in your balance.

Online casino wagering facts and tips

Tip #6: Best choices for low wagering bonuses

If you want low wagering bonuses, or even bonuses without any wagering at all, we got what you need. The great thing about low wagering bonuses, is that you are another step closer to converting that bonus into real cash. If you go for a bonus without wagering, you should expect the bonus offer to be slightly smaller, as the casinos are not willing to just give out too much money for free.

Wagering tips for online casino bonuses

Tip #7:   Which slots should I play to complete my wagering requirements?

This is one of the most important decisions you make when wagering a casino bonus. The games you select to wager your bonus on, can be the difference between losing your money, or making that fat withdrawal straight to your bank account. We recommend wagering on slot games, as these normally contribute 100%, while live casino and table games usually only contribute 10%. This means in essence that live casino and table games require you to wager ten times more than when you play slots. Slots are simply the perfect choice when you want to wager your casino bonus, and here are our top picks for wagering your bonus. We range the games in Low Volatility, Medium Volatility and High Volatility, choose what risk level you prefer, would you go for the safer option, or go big or go home? Find out more about how wagering works in our Casino Bonus Wagering FAQ.

How Wagering Works – Casino Bonus Wagering FAQ

What are wagering requirements really?

Before we jump into what wagering requirements are, it is good to look at how wagering works and why they are such a big part of online casinos and their bonuses.

To wager, means to bet, so a wager is just another term for the bet you place on a slot game, live casino game, or any other game you would place a bet on. In most cases when you claim a bonus, whether it is a welcome bonus offer, a deposit bonus or a reload bonus, the money you get are bonus money, and not real cash. If you play with free spins, the winnings you receive through those free spins will be paid out as bonus money as well. These bonus funds that you now have on your account are not withdrawable, and they come with certain requirements to be met, before you can convert the bonus money into real cash, and eventually withdraw your winnings.

These bonus funds are locked to your casino account, and the only thing you can do with them is to play at the casino, until you meet the wagering requirements, as well as other terms attached to your bonus. We always encourage all our readers to carefully read the bonus terms before you accept any type of bonus. These terms can however be very difficult to understand, and it does not matter If you are a casino veteran or new to online casinos, as some casinos may have long terms with a lot of strange terminology. To put it simple, a wagering requirement is the amount of money, which is normally your deposit amount or bonus money, timed with a multiplier.
For example:
you deposit €100 and receive a 100% deposit bonus. You now have €200 to play for, and all €200 are locked to your casino account as bonus money. In the bonus terms it was stated that you needed to wager the deposit amount + the bonus amount 15 times to convert the bonus into real cash. You then take the total bonus amount, which is €200 and multiply it with 15, leaving you with a total wagering requirement of €3000. This means you need to place bets worth a total of €3000 for any remaining balance to be withdrawable as real money. If you fail to meet those wagering requirements, your bonus money will not be converted to real money, and the bonus will eventually be forfeited, meaning you are left with no withdrawal and no money in the end.

Do I have to go through wagering requirements?

There should never be an instance where you are forced to go through wagering requirements, but this will in most cases mean that you either must forfeit the bonus or not claim the bonus in the first place. Any casino will naturally allow you to play with pure cash instead of with a bonus on top of your deposit. In general playing with a bonus will give you an extra edge against the casino, meaning that you have a higher probability of winning money and withdrawing more money than you deposited.

You must look at the bigger pictures, as even though your funds might be locked by a wagering requirement, the casino bonus increases the amount of money you must play for. This can be doubling your deposit, tripling your deposit or sometimes even five times your deposit amount. Not only does these types of bonuses give you more money to play for, but this also means more entertainment for a lower cost, as you get to play your favorite games even longer.

If you really want to avoid wagering, but you still like casino bonuses, then an option would be to go for no wagering bonuses. These bonuses can be cashback or other bonuses where there are specific terms stating that there are no wagering requirements attached to your bonus.

Can I get bonuses with no wagering requirements?

These types of bonus offers are much rarer than the ones with wagering requirements attached to them, but when you find them (and Bacon.bet offers plenty of wager-free options), you will be happy you went for the bonus with no wagering. What makes these types of bonuses truly great, is that you can withdraw your winnings at any time, and your money is never locked to your casino account. These bonuses are also often smaller than the ones with wagering requirements attached, and they normally appear as, Wager-free spins, Wager-free deposit bonuses, or Cashback.

How can I calculate the bonus wagering requirements?

We went through an example of how to calculate bonus wagering above, but we believe that this is a key to understand how wagering works, so we will dive a bit deeper into the topic. Let’s pretend you signed up with any of our listed casinos, and you decide to redeem one of the bonuses offered. If the bonus you took was a free spin offer, then you do not have to worry about the wagering requirements initially. The calculation of how much you need to wager, depends on the amount you win on these free spins. Let’s say that you got 100 free spins, and during those spins you won €20, in the bonus terms it was stated that any winnings from the free spins had to be wagered 10 times. You will now have to place bets for a total of your winnings (€20) + the wagering requirements (10x), meaning that you need to play for €200 before the remaining funds would be converted to real cash.

The bonus you claimed was a deposit bonus

When you claim a deposit bonus of 100% and the terms of the bonus state that the wagering requirements exclude the deposit amount, you only need to calculate the wagering requirements on the bonus you claimed. You deposited €100 and got €100 in bonus money on top of your real money deposit. The wagering requirements states that there is a 10x wagering on the bonus money, excluding your deposit. You will have €200 to play for and need to wager €1000 for the bonus money to be unlocked and withdrawable.

If the bonus terms state that bonus offer’s wagering requirements are including the deposit amount, then you must include your deposit amount, as well as the bonus you received. Again, we pretend you deposited €100 and got €100 in bonus money, but in this case your original deposit also became bonus money, so you have €200 in locked bonus funds. The wagering requirements were 10x on deposit + bonus, meaning that you must wager €2000 for your bonus money to be unlocked, and for you to be able to withdraw your winnings.

How do I know if there are wagering requirements on a bonus?

There are now legislators that monitor online casinos. and they have put in place regulations on how online casinos need to be transparent with terms and conditions, specially relating to bonus offers. This means that it should not be hard for you to find and understand the bonus terms, and what the wagering requirements of your claimed bonus are.

All casino operators listed on Bacon.bet that are providing a cash bonus offer including free spins, will display the terms and conditions, no more than one click away. In these bonus terms you will find the wagering requirements and other information on how wagering works. All this is useful to know about the bonus, so you are aware of what is needed for you to make a withdrawal. Make sure to always read the fine print. Usually, the full T&Cs are found by clicking a link in the promotional e-mail or by visiting the promotions page. On the odd chance that you are not able to find the amount of wagering needed, or the terms are unclear to you, contact the Customer Support of the casino, as they will gladly help you clear things up.

Why do casinos have wagering requirements on bonuses?

The most obvious reason for wagering requirements to be attached to bonuses, is that it gives the online casinos less risk when giving out free bonuses. If casinos were just giving out free cash to every player that signed up, they would open themselves up to bonus abuse, and the financial losses could be devastating. There are also other reasons for the wagering to be attached, like anti-money laundering laws, where criminals could launder money with ease, if there were no restrictions to depositing and then withdrawing the extra money. Not all casinos have wagering requirements though, and we recommend you check them out in our bonuses without wagering section. You should now be well equipped and understand how wagering works.