Top Highroller online casinos

If you are a casino High Roller, or maybe you just want to learn more about what makes casino players High Rollers? Then you are at the right place at the right time! High Rollers are the VIP players that get a lot of attention in both online and land-based casinos. We will take your through the top high roller online casinos, as well as everything you need to know about casino high rollers. Check out our top-rated high roller online casinos for 2022 and best VIP programs and promotions.

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Best Online casinos at this day for High Rollers

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Choosing The Best Online High Roller Casino

Any VIP player should be treated as just that, whether through big bonuses or dedicated key account managers that will give real time assistance. High Rollers are not being taken care of at many casinos, so we want to make sure that you get the service and offering you deserve as a high roller. Here are a few things you should always look out for when choosing the best online high roller casino:

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Tip #1: Is the casino holding a reputable license?

It`s crucial that the casino can be trusted, when you are depositing and wagering large sums of money. So, look for a casino with a reputable license. We deem reputable licenses to be either those of local regulation, like SGA or UKGC. Or gambling licenses like MGA that is not local, but a license where you know that your money will be safe.

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Tip #2: Am I offered High Limits on Deposit, Withdrawal and Wagering?

Any VIP or High Roller player should be looking for online casinos that are willing to increase limits on deposits, withdrawals and wagering. If you have a favorite slot game, but most casinos only allow you to bet €10 per spin. Then a real high roller casino will increase your wagering potential to for example €100 or even €1000 per spin. Also, when depositing and withdrawing large sums of money, you need to be treated like the VIP you are. So, keep an eye out for what limits the casino have.

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Tip #3: Will I be getting the VIP treatment through exclusive customer service?

An online casino that truly takes care of their high roller players, is a casino that has dedicated personnel that will make your experience a five star one. You should expect to have a person who is always available for you to handle any request. You need an increase in limits, or you want to have a large withdrawal processed within minutes, the casino should be there for you.

Choosing the best games to play as a High Roller

When you are a high roller, then you will be looking for games with higher stakes. And naturally you also want to play these anywhere you like. There are some games that have been designed for high rollers like you, and these games are tailored to give you the optimal experience on both mobile and desktop. We recommend that you play game suited for your large bankroll, games like:

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Live Casino – Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat for High Rollers

These classic high roller table games are specially tailored for those that like to both bet and win big. You can place bets of anywhere between €1,000 and €500,000 per bet, which gives you huge win potential. We have selected casinos that have special live casino table games only for VIP players. This will give you options like a “Chambre Séparée”, which enables you to have personal live dealers and a whole casino table for yourself. This is available for games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

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Poker – Playing table games poker or against real people

You can choose to play table games like three card poker, or casino Hold`em if you love poker. These games will enable you to bet huge amounts, and even have Jackpot payouts that can be up to 10,000 times your bet size. Now that can be life-changing even for a high roller like you. If you prefer to play against people instead of the casino, you can opt in to online poker sites that offer VIP tables and sections. There is almost no limit to how high stakes you can play at these tables, and you can play against world famous poker profiles like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and more on a daily basis.

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Slots – Finding the slot games that are made for High Rollers

For normal players there are bet limits set in place on all slot games. However, if you are a true high roller and want to bet even higher stakes, then the casino can help you with that. This means that you in most cases can get an increased bet level set for all your favorite slot games. If you love Dead or Alive 2, but feel like €18 is too low, then a true VIP casino will increase that max level to whatever stakes you want to play at.

VIP Programs for High Roller players

A select few of the absolute top casinos will offer VIP programs that truly benefit you as a high roller player. These programs are set up in a way so that the more you play, the bigger and better the rewards become. You will enjoy more free spins, more cashback, larger deposit bonuses and even trips around the world. We will take you through some of the special bonuses you can expect to receive as a VIP or High Roller player.

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High Roller Bonuses

These are bonuses that are only for you playing high stakes and depositing high amounts of money. You will be able to enjoy deposit bonuses with no cap, meaning that you can for example deposit €20,000 and get 100% match bonus on top of that. This leaves your total balance at €40,000 to play for. If deposit bonuses is not you cup of tea, then maybe Cashback is what you prefer. With high roller casinos, you can expect to see cashback percentages of more than 50%, meaning that you get half your money back when you lose.

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Leaderboards and Cash prizes

When you are a high roller player, and you wager large sums of money, then Leaderboard prizes can be a great way to win big. Many casinos have daily or weekly tournaments where there is a leaderboard. This can include Slots or Live Casino games, where the player that either has wagered or won the most during the period, will win huge prizes. Some of these tournaments have top prizes up to €1,000,000 and for you as a VIP player, you will have a higher chance of winning than the rest.

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Exceptional customer service and assistance

As a high roller player, you should be able to deposit and withdraw as much as you want. This is something that any casino that takes you as a high roller seriously will do for you. If you can prove that you can afford your playstyle, which we know you can. Then you will be able to enjoy unlimited deposit and withdrawals in an instant. Many online casinos will even remove any fees on your transactions, so that you truly get all your rightful winnings.

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Unlimited Deposits and Withdrawals

As a high roller player, you should be able to deposit and withdraw as much as you want. This is something that any casino that takes you as a high roller seriously will do for you. If you can prove that you can afford your playstyle, which we know you can. Then you will be able to enjoy unlimited deposit and withdrawals in an instant. Many online casinos will even remove any fees on your transactions, so that you truly get all your rightful winnings.

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Exclusive High Roller and VIP Rewards

Our hand-picked top casinos for VIP players will have lots of exclusive rewards for you in form of deposit offers, no deposit bonuses, free cash, no deposit free spins, loyalty points, and cashback bonuses. Welcome offers are as you know for new players. But these top casinos for VIP and high roller players, they are all about retention. Meaning that they have exclusive rewards that you will keep getting over time.  All these casinos have reasonable wagering requirements in place, so that you don`t have to wager too much to cash out any winnings.

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Are there High Rollers that win money in the long run?

Yes, there are some high rollers that manage to keep a positive cash balance vs the casino. However, these cases are rare and few between. Meaning that most high rollers will not have a net positive against any casino, but they can in most cases afford to lose the money that they are spending. Never play for more than you can afford to lose, and if you ever feel like you are, do check our Responsible Gambling section for some guidance on how to get help.

High Roller and VIP Casinos FAQ

Can anyone become a VIP or High Roller?

Not everyone can become a VIP player or be classified as a High Roller, as it is all about how much money you can afford to lose. Most people cannot afford spending thousands of Euros on at an online casino. However, there are players that have a lot of money to spend, and these players will become VIP and High Roller players in the right online casinos.

What if I want to become a VIP or High Roller, how much must I spend?

The answer to this differs between casinos, but if you check the terms and conditions of any online casino, there should be parts describing VIP and loyalty schemes. Also, we recommend that only players that truly have the funds to lose, should ever consider trying to become a VIP or High Roller. Remember that the online casino will always win in the end!

Is there any upside of being a High Roller?

Yes, there for sure is! However, most high rollers will be losing players. Which means that the upsides we are talking about here is more about losing less, than getting something for free. So, you should not just look at a High Roller as someone getting a lot of things for free, since they have in most cases paid for what they get, and more. High Rollers do get bigger bonuses, cashbacks, and can even be flown around the world to attend exclusive events. But everything has its price.