How we review casinos to promote legit and trusted ones only.

At, our team of casino experts live and breathe casino. And the way we vet and review online casinos is explained in detail below, with more than 20 thorough steps taken to ensure that any casino listed at our site is the absolute best online casino for you. Our key casino reviewers are professionals that have worked for decades within Affiliation and the Casino Operator side of the iGaming industry. They are all 100 % dedicated on creating the best reviews possible, with reliable and highly credible information about the casino options for your jurisdiction. If you want to learn more about how we review online casinos, and how you can trust that these are all legit and the best online casinos for you, then continue reading. We will take you through every single step that our amazing casino review team make any potential online casino go through, that want to be listed at This way you will not only see how we review and rate the casinos handpicked for our site, but you might also learn how to better vet online casinos yourself as well in the future.

Trust, accountability and security in our review process

Trust:  accountability and security

The first thing we look at is whether the framework of the casino is Secure if they are trustworthy and how they handle players personal data. We also utilise this first part to go through historical complaints, look at regulatory findings and ensure that no stone is unturned in this all-important first step. We audit the casinos by checking the following:

1. Does the casino hold a License from a Legitimate Body?

Which license does the casino utilize for your country specifically? Are there findings in the past that could raise red flags, like previous player complaints or regulatory fines? Trusted licenses that would give a green flag to proceed to step two, would include Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and a few more.

2. Is the casino certified through reputable independent authorities?

All casinos that want to be listed at must display evidence that they are fully regulated for security and fairness, as well as maintain records of such certifications through reputable independent authorities. Examples of such independent authorities that certify online casinos are GLI, eCogra and more. If online casinos cannot document true certifications, that prove they are fully vetted and certified for fair play and security, they will never be listed at our site. If step 2 is a green flag, we move on to step three of the process.

3. Does the online casino have a valid SSL Encryption?

We check whether the SSL Encryption is up to the latest standards, and that the casino holds the appropriate certificates, that will prove that they handle your data in a transparent and safe manner. These types of encryptions to a large extent ensures that data being exchanged between the you and casino is secure and that the site is safe to use. It is important to note that the HTTPS or a SSL certificate alone is not a guarantee that the website is secure and can be trusted. Simply because the website has a certificate, you can never be 100% guaranteed that the site is free from malicious code or that the data will be un corruptible. With that in mind our casino experts rigorously test the site performance, the data handling and investigate the framework of the encryption from a developer perspective.

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Trust, accountability and security in our review process

Gaming experience: best games and fastest software

To make sure that the casino you choose here at our site is one you are going to love, we make sure that the game selection is nothing but amazing. This means that our casino experts will go through several points to verify that the newest and best games are available, that the greatest game providers are accessible and that the platform and software is both fast and smooth. Knowing how many games and providers are out there, and knowing how different taste our readers have, we have made sure to incorporate a few key steps that every casino needs to live up to for them to be listed at Let’s jump right into it!

4. Does the casino have a strong game portfolio and variation of games?

We can all agree that a great game selection is something that we want all casinos to have, but the truth is that many online casinos have a weak game portfolio. Therefore, we will go through every single game, providers, and categories on any new casino. Our casino experts look for variation, as well as seeing that the balance between great slot games, the best live casino games, and that all your favourite game studios are available. As soon as we see that the casino ticks the boxes of offering Live Casino and Slots, and that the selection is great, we start testing the games for real money. We naturally will test every single game as most of our partners have thousands of games, but we will test a few games from every single game studio, to ensure that things are fully working. So, rest assured that we have tried and vetted all game studios like NetEnt, Play’n GO, Big Time Gaming, Pragmatic Play etc. before you see the casino listed here on site.

5. Are there large jackpots and millions to win on progressive jackpot games?

Everyone has at some point thought about what they would do if they suddenly won a lot of money, and the best way to win a huge chunk of money is through progressive jackpots. We always investigate this exciting category when vetting online casinos. Does the online casino offer great titles like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune? Are there are other jackpots available like local jackpots or group wide jackpots, like for example LeoVegas have introduced with LeoJackpot. Many of you want the opportunity to win a record-breaking jackpot, so we make sure that casinos listed with us deliver on just that!

6. Can you test the games for free?

This is one of the few points on our list that does not have to be a dealbreaker, but we do try to get the best casinos on the planet listed for you here, and some of them do not have free to play available, even though most of the listed casinos do. In the case that any casino does not have free to play available, and they are listed on, we have tested all their game providers with real money and ensured that the certification is for game integrity and RTP. We will always ensure quality and diversity, and you will be able to find options for both play money and real money listed on our top selection of online casinos.

7. What game developers are available at this casino?

One of the best ways to see if a casino is good or not, is to look at who they work with. Any great online casino will have games from the top software providers like NetEnt, Play’n GO, Evolution and Pragmatic Play. These are however just the tip of the virtual iceberg that we are looking for. We have tons of other game studios that we want offered through our partners, so rest assured that you will always find your favorite games, your favorite game provider, and the best entertainment out there. Also make sure to check out our in-depth reviews of who creates the games

8. Does the casino have an app or other downloadable software?

Currently, most of us are using our phones or tablets when playing casino online, it is often a good idea to utilise apps or other downloadable software, to ensure that we have the smoothest and fastest casino experience possible. We check the online casinos apps, across various devices like IOS and Android for mobile phones, iPad, and Tablets for the larger segment and Laptops and Desktop computers. If you are one of those casino players that prefer to use an app or have the casino software downloaded straight to your device, you will be pleased to know that we have already tested all these features for you. When you sign up through one of our links you will be sure that the listed casino will offer what you are looking for.

9. Best desktop casino experience possible?

Not everyone prefers to play on their phone or tablet when gambling online, and therefore we also test and verify the casino’s website via a web browser, and the minimum requirement is very high-quality user experience and of course a simple and quick signup flow. Our casino experts test all online casinos with different operating systems like Windows, IOS, Linux, and more, to ensure that you get the best online casino for desktop.

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Trust, accountability and security in our review process

Fairness:  best casino bonuses, promotions and bonus terms

If you are a reader at, you will be wanting the best bonus to offer that gives you that extra edge against the house and increasing your chances of winning big. Note that most online casinos offer some form of bonus, but we dig deeper into the actual terms of the bonuses, how often promotions are offered, so that you always can trust that the bonuses offered are as impressive and lucrative as promoted. Top online casinos in 2022 must contain everything below:

10. A great welcome bonus offer is a must-have.

Nothing less than a large welcome bonus is acceptable if a casino wants to be listed with us, and it is a minimum of what we expect. Going through hundreds of casinos every year, our dedicated team make sure to pick out the absolute best welcome bonuses out there, if they also tick of all the points we have gone through so far. These welcome bonus offers for online casinos can be a no-deposit bonus, tons of free-spins, a generous cashback, deposit match bonus up to 500%, and much more. The key is that the terms and conditions of these bonuses are fair, easy to understand, and that there are no hidden clauses to trick players. We test all their bonuses, how they can be used, how to make your first withdrawal, how to keep getting promotions and how fast payouts are.

11. Does the online casino have fair Terms & Conditions?

As we mentioned above, we make sure that the terms and conditions are fair, but what does that really mean for you as a casino player? We go through all the T&C, and we look through the fine print and look for any points that might create problems for you as a player. These can be max wagering, max winnings, excluded games or verticals, limitations to jurisdiction, meaning that only players from certain countries can receive the bonuses. Wagering requirements is also one of the things that normally makes our spider senses tingle, and this is where we push hard against the casinos to make the bonuses better. The more players that come through, the better the bonuses become, as we fight for all our players, and we never give up until we have the absolute best casino bonuses, sportsbook bonuses, bingo bonuses, poker bonuses and anything else you might look for when safely gambling online. Here you can find exclusive welcome bonuses that you find nowhere else.

12. Casino promotions and bonuses that keep on giving

We strongly believe that online casino promotions and bonuses are supposed to be for everyone, and not just for a new player signing up. We are testing every casino to make sure they keep giving out new casino bonuses and promotions after you have signed up. We also keep checking for other free things, so that you can get bonuses without depositing or free spins without having to do anything on your end, you simply claim the bonuses and start playing.

13. Does the casino focus on VIP players and do they keep paying out loyalty rewards?

Any top casino would have a clear way for VIPs to be able to gain great loyalty rewards, keep getting bonuses and incentives, and this is one of the key parts of what we look for in online casinos to be listed on We make sure to classify between the lower VIP segments, and all the way up to the absolute highest of VIP loyalty schemes. Our team of casino experts go through the tiers of rewards in granular detail, to make sure that every step of the way is worth your while, and that every time you “rank up” to a new VIP level, you get rewarded even more in both bonuses and cash.

14. Are the slots set with a fair RTP or Return to Player?

The average RTP must be high for any casino to be classified as good, and we know that top casinos do not need to change their RTP, as they will make enough money as it is. We will check all the game providers that could change RTP, and we will also investigate specific games to ensure that there are no single games that have been changed to make it harder for you to win money. Any online casino that is licensed through a reputable license, will be obligated to display RTP information either in the lobby of the game or in the information that can be found within any slot game. You can also read more about Return to Player or RTP in our dedicated section.

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Trust, accountability and security in our review process

Fast payments, smooth deposits and withdrawals 

You have probably already wondered where our checks for payments had been hiding but rest assured that this is another one of the key steps to ensure that an online casino is worth your while. Our team will go through every single step of real money transaction, from deposits and registration to withdrawals and claiming large wins. Some of the parts that are crucial for us to verify an online casino and list it, as well as prove the online casinos promises would be:

15. Fast and simple deposit methods that work for your country.

As mentioned, we go through every single step of the user journey, to make sure that everything is on point to deliver the best online casino experience. We check how the signup flow is and see if it is both easy to understand and easy to get through. What payment options are available, which currencies are accepted and if there are limitations to how much you can deposit. Our amazing team test every single part of the deposit methods, and make sure that all of them not only works well, but will give you a safe transaction, as well as no fees on deposit or at least the lowest fees possible.

16. Your money needs to be safe and fully secure.

We go through all the payment methods, as well as how the online casino wallet protects your funds. This means that we look for secure encryption of your personal data, and that you do not have to share any details that would put you at risk. This also means going through the payment methods, verifying them through real money transactions and giving you as a player that ease of mind, knowing that we have tested everything for you in advance. A minimum requirement for online casinos that hold a reputable license (which is our first step in our review process), is to separate player funds from the casino’s operational accounts. We verify these parts as well, going through a strict Due Diligence process with every single casino you see promoted on our site. The most important thing for us, is that your money is always safe and fully secure.

17. Lightning-fast withdrawal options that work in your country.

When you finally get your big win, and want to claim your rightful winnings, it is crucial that you can withdraw the money quick and in a secure manner. This is also one of the key parts of our testing, where our team will go through every single withdrawal option available in your country, and make sure that they fully work, in a secure and trusted way, as well as how fast the withdrawal reaches your bank or other form of withdrawal option. No one likes to wait for the money that then own, which is why we only work with online casinos that can prove that they pay out funds fast.

18. How fast does the online casino handle inquiries and processes?

In many online casinos there are automation when the money is either deposited or withdrawn, meaning that it is then up to the banks or payment providers to deliver on the speed and agility. A key part that many do not think about is that online casinos also must verify your game rounds, check your winnings, and then execute the payment. This is particularly true when it comes to withdrawals. This can also be relevant for document handling or other inquiries that you might have with the casino. Therefore, we rigorously check that the casino is agile and fast with handling customer inquiries, that withdrawals are approved in a prompt manner, and that the online casino stays true to their promises of fast payments and top customer support.

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Trust, accountability and security in our review process

Does the casino have world-class customer support and help?

We all need help at times, and customer support is one of the things that must be great for the casino experience to be enjoyable. It does not matter which site you play on, at some point you will probably need some guidance, have some questions, or just want to chat. Our casino team checks every part of the user journey, meaning that we communicate with the customer support, as relevant questions and make sure that the response time, as well as the quality of the responses are top-notch. We also have a strong list of must-haves that we go through below in the following steps:

19. Is the online casino protecting your data and keeping your information secure?

At some stage during a user journey at an online casino, you will have to disclose some personal information. The key is that the online casino has a secure way for such information to be shared, and that they take care of your sensitive data in a secure and encrypted way. It is also crucial that these casinos do not sell or convey your personal data on to anyone else, like a third-party provider, marketing agency or similar companies. Therefore, we always go through any listed casino at in detail, including reading through their entire Privacy Policy, as well as look into the historical data that is available, seeing if there are customer complaints, cases of data breach and whether their policies and procedures are being followed. We always recommend that you also read both Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policies, so that you are fully aware of what the online casino is promising, as well as doing.

21. All year around 24/7 customer support and help centres.

No online casino that is classified as a top casino, can be anything less than available 24/7 through customer support. We also know that you as a casino player prefer different things when communicating. Some prefer email, some enjoy a phone call, and other like to use the more modern approach of live chat. No matter what your preferred way of communication is, we make sure that any casino that wants to be listed at both delivers on the actual availability, but also that the customer support is friendly and knowledgeable. They need to know about bonuses, rewards, responsible gaming, and anything in between. We test them thoroughly to see that they deliver on every single part of their promises. Only the best customer experience is good enough for you.

22. Customer feedback and reviews historically for online casinos.

We check historical cases reported by players in large reputable forums online, as well as look into public findings relating to fines or ongoing cases. This is to make sure that there is less risk for you as a casino player, when choosing your next favorite casino. If there are cases that are unresolved, we dig deeper and request documentation from the casino to justify the negative press. If casinos are not willing to play ball and disclose information (to the extent that they can be due to GDPR), we will not enter any partnership or list them on our site. We also keep in mind that one case far back in time, might have been a one-off, so we do give the online casinos the chance to prove that they have improved. Unlike some other sites that have dedicated blacklists of casinos that they discourage you to sign up with, we have chosen to promote the absolute top online casinos rather only for your country. This means that you do not have to worry about blacklisting or that the casino you choose could create problems for you in the future, as every single casino listed on is fully vetted, fully licensed, and completely secure.

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Trust, accountability and security in our review process

Is the casino site and app optimised for mobile and tablets?

We know that most of you are probably on your phone right now, or at least on a tablet. This is a natural evolution of how computers have become smaller and easier to use, meaning that any top casino will have to be specially tailored for mobile and tablets. Our team of casino enthusiasts check every casino with mobile phones with Android, IOS and other operating systems. We also test the same casinos with iPad, Android Tablets, and a lot of different platforms, to ensure that your device will work smoothly with our handpicked online casinos. Key focus areas when putting mobile first:

23. Does the casino lobby and games have optimised settings for mobile and tablet?

It does not matter if it is a no-account casino, an old dinosaur or anything in between. We test the quality and optimization of all our casino partners. It is critical that the graphics are seamless and smooth on the smaller screens of phone and tablets. We also check with the different browsers, like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and more. We always make sure that everything works like a charm, so that you never have to worry about whether a casino you choose here on site will be compatible with your mobile or tablet device. On top of this we also have specific bonuses that are just for those of you that use mobile or tablet devices. These exclusive bonuses are making you get that extra edge against the casino, improving your casino quality and giving you so much more entertainment.

24. Are all games available for mobile users and how is the payment layout?

We check every single game provider with all devices available, just to make sure that there are no surprises after you have signed up. It is critical that the games work even better on mobile than they do on a desktop computer. It should not matter if you have an old phone or a new one, if it is a smartphone, we will test whether the online casino has optimized their games for your device. We also make sure that the payment layout is perfect for either IOS or Android. Meaning that you can do deposits and withdrawals with just a few touches on the screen, as getting your winnings should be simple and safe. There are also benchmark tests that our casino experts perform, when it comes to latency, speed, layout, and general settings of the online casino.

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Trust, accountability and security in our review process

Finally, is the casino offering a great product where you live?

Considering that online gambling has become a global phenomenon that stretches all around the globe, but we are all still regulated under our own country’s regulations. This means that for some of us it can be hard to find a good online casino, that enables us to have fast payments and enjoy all the best games. We are very happy about the evolution of online casinos, where the number of great options is increasing every year, and we make sure that you find the perfect online casino for you, that considers where you are from, and what challenges you might have with payments and games.

25. It is all about where you are from, and not where the online casino is based!

Any top online casino must take into consideration where the players are living, and for some of you there might be an abundance of good options, and for others your local government might try to make it hard for you to play on online casinos. Our team represents many countries, and we make sure to test all of them so that we know exactly which casino is the best for your location. What works best in Sweden, might not work as well in Canada, and that great online casino for Finnish players residing in Finland, might not be good at all for those that play from Norway. That’s why we create specific lists for each country, so that you always find the top online casino of 2022 for your country. Any casino listed at need to have a tailored experience and product, that focuses on your country!

26. What about all the casinos that does not manage to get approved with all the points above?

If an online casino is good enough to pass all our thorough tests, audits, and checks, we are ecstatic to present this casino to you. We will then be certain that you will find exactly what you are looking for to gamble online, that the best casino bonuses are available to you, and that you do not have to go anywhere else but checking what we have found for you.

For casinos that fall short of what we require, we do not necessarily cut them off right away, but we give feedback to them about their shortcomings and what they need to achieve for us to be able to approve them as a top online casino. For any casino with apparent risks and significant problems that would put you as a casino player at risk, we report them to their regulatory entity, and put them in our internal “garbage bin”. As mentioned earlier we do not focus on blacklisting online casinos on our site, we would much rather focus on promoting only the absolute best online casinos, and that way you do not have to think about anything else.

It is crucial that you as a reader of our content and casino player, that we only provide you with good advice, safe options and make sure that you are always happy with the choice you made at You can read more about our team members and expertise here. We have decades of experience from the casino business and know exactly what to look out for. And remember that all we focus on is keeping you, the casino player, safe and informed.

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