Bacon Bet Editorial Principles is an English language global Web News and Blog devoted to analysis of the current gambling market around the globe. It serves to link the business, governmental, journalistic and player communities. With no ties to any government, operators or legislators, it functions as an objective outlet of anything iGaming.

The Editor of

The Editor of solicits most articles, however authors may suggest topics for future issues or submit articles for consideration. Such articles cannot have been previously published in any form, must be written in English, and must correspond precisely to the format and style of articles published in and described below.

Editorial Aim aims to provide our engaged audience with a singular and reliable assessment of events and trends in the world of iGaming. Written in an objective and analytical tone rather than a polemical one. BaconBet articles reflect the fact that we have a diverse international audience. BaconBet articles focus on a newsworthy topic, operators within gambling, and give an objective point of view on how players can be best suited to gamble online. Player protection is a key pillar within the company, and Responsible Gaming advice and guidance is always just a click away.

Article Guidelines and Principles

Each article must offer a concise and authoritative statement of the event or issue in question. An article must provide relevant, precise and authoritative background information. It also must offer a sober and analytical judgment of the topic. Authors must cite facts and the Editor may contact other outlets and experts to confirm claims. Since BaconBet articles are based on individuals’ opinion on certain matters, some articles may be subjective. However, the Editor is adamant that all articles, reviews and information given is to be balanced and objective, to the extent it`s possible.

Editor`s Rights

The Editor reserves the right to edit the article to conform to the editorial policy and specifications of and to reject the article should it not be acceptable to our editorial committee for publication. On acceptance and publication of the edited version of the article, the copyright for the article will reside with BaconBet. However, the author may use all or part of the contracted article in any book or article in any media subsequently written by the author, provided that a copyright notice appears giving reference to the contracted article's first publication by the “”.

Analytical Articles

Analytical articles require a three to four sentence introduction to the article based on the topic. Rather than a general, overarching analysis, the article must offer considered and careful judgment supported with specific examples. Analytical article structure: Has an ideal length between 1200 and 1400 words.

Key Topic

A short 100-word statement of your conclusions about the topic or event on which the article focuses.


400-500 words of analysis about the topic and why this topic is important for readers to be aware of. Include background information based on other media outlets, interviews or press releases.


500-600 words of analysis of the impact the topic has on players, operators or legislators.

Conclusions and Author`s Bio

100-200 words that state the conclusion of our findings. As well as giving a short recap of the implications the topic may have. And Author`s Bio is a journalist short bio description. Maximum 50 words.

Information for Writers and Articles Contributors

Anyone interested in becoming a part of`s group of authors to contribute articles, please send your CV to the editors and suggest some topics on which you would like to write.

Robert Hansen, Editor ([email protected])
Richard Johansson, Associate Editor