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Online Casino, Bonus, Free Spins and Games FAQ

Here you will find all the frequently asked questions from players about, online casino, bonuses, free spins and casino games. These are a collection of different topics we have covered in our large selection of articles across the entire Bacon Bet website. If you have casino questions, here are the answers.

Casino FAQ

Bonus FAQ

Free Spins FAQ

Games FAQ

Online Casino FAQ:

When is the right time to change from my current casino to a new casino?

It is always a good time to try out a new casino, as you will be able to get a welcome offer when you sign up. Getting a welcome offer gives you that extra edge against the casino, and means that you simply have a greater chance of winning. You can even test a new casino without having to do a deposit, and we have listed all the no deposit bonus options for you. So what are you waiting for? Test a brand new casino with just a few clicks!

Are new casinos better than old casinos?

Old casinos that have been around for many years are often sticking to what was good way back. Meaning that newer casinos are often more innovative and offer better bonuses for new players. Since the old casinos usually have a large customer base, they do not focus on new players. New casinos on the other hand have to bring out the big guns to be able to compete against the dinosaurs. This enables you to get better bonuses, more free spins and a generally better experience. New casinos are often created by casino professionals that have worked in one of the older ones, and thus they have brought what worked with the old one,into the new casino, while adding more innovation and great features on top.

Can I play with the same account on both desktop and mobile casino?

Yes, there is no issue with you using both a desktop and mobile device to play on one of your favourite casinos listed here at BaconBet. The only restrictions that you will face, is that you normally will not be able to be logged in with both devices at the same time. It is more convenient to play on your mobile device though, don’t you think?

Are there difference in winnings when playing on Mobile?

The only difference in winnings would be that it is now already in your pocket! No, but seriously there is no differences in the chance you have to win big between mobile and desktop, all the games have the same RTP (Return To Player) and same payouts. Just make sure you choose one of the hand-picked casinos listed on BaconBet, as we have only choose the top casinos from 2021, with the highest RTP and fastest withdrawal options possible.

How do I know if an online casino is a No Account casino?

A dear child has many names: No Account Casino, Casino Without Registration, Pay N Play casino and the list goes on. The no account name could be considered a little misleading, since when you make your first deposit, the online casino gets all the necessary information for your account. This happens as you sign up through Bank ID, which gives the casino access to your Name, Address and most importantly your age, so that they know you are of legal age to gamble. The difference is that you, the player don’t have to fill the information manually during the registration process.

How do I know if a no account casino is legit?

Any no account casino listed on BaconBet is 100% legit and has gone through rigorous testing by our casino experts. We check how their licenses situation is, how their payments work, how their terms and conditions are, which company operates the casino, are there any historical discrepancies, and much much more. This is so that you do not have to spend a lot of time looking through what can seem like an endless ocean of options to choose from. If you do on the other hand go outside of BaconBet, you should make sure to check the license seal on any casinos page, this should be clickable and redirect you to the authorities license seal of approval. You should also check if they prioritise safety, has a good reputation, and that they are transparent. If you choose one of our legal online casinos, you never have to worry about your safety, or if your winnings will be paid out. These casinos are regularly audited and certified by reputable licensing authorities. Knowing that your money and details are safe, is of key importance so be safe and go through one of our links, as we have tested all parts of hundreds and hundreds of casinos, and made sure that any casino listed with us is always the best of the best.

Can I use cryptocurrency on no account casinos?

Cryptocurrencies can now be used to make both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, and most importantly on no account casinos. It does not matter if you have a big amount of crypto, a small amount or none at all, as you can get started right away with wallets like Binance. This enables you to start playing on no account casinos in seconds, completely safe and without the hassle of creating an account at online casinos.

The most popular option for cryptocurrency when playing online casino is Bitcoin, as it has the reputation of a superior banking option. One thing to keep in mind on no account casinos, is that Bitcoin works quite differently from Trustly for example. When you use Bitcoin as your payment method making a deposit, you receive a unique URL to the casino. This is a measure to protect your money and your identity. A second layer of security when using Bitcoin is receiving different passwords whenever you “log in” to play, checking your balance or making a withdrawal. There is an additional, and notable difference when you are using Bitcoin instead of Trustly. You will asked to provide an email address, and create a username. This takes a bit of that “no account” feel out of it, but it is easy to make a secure email address, and the nickname can be whatever you choose. There are some options where you will get a real anonymous experience, but these are mostly unlicensed casinos. So our suggestion is to either stick with licensed cryptocurrency casinos or simply stick to the trusted option of bank transfers through Trustly. Considering that Trustly is not available in that many countries at this moment in time, we understand why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular.

How to become a VIP casino player?

To become a VIP player, you need to make larger deposits and play for higher stakes. Most players that end up in the VIP category will receive account managers and have perks that other players do not get. These players are often losing a lot of money though, so it is not always what it seems. You can still become a VIP casino player, even if you are winning money. This depends on how the casino views your playing, and if they see a potential to make money from your gambling in the future.

When does player become Highroller?

A high-roller is a person that plays for large sums of money in the online casinos. So anyone that deposits large amounts and plays high stakes, will be categorized as a high-roller. These are normally players that will be take good care of by the casino, and seemingly be given many benefits and perks. It is however important to understand that they get these perks and benefits, because the casino is making really good money on them.

What are low wagering casinos?

The best thing is naturally to get a completely wager free bonus, but the second best thing is a low wagering one. This means that instead of having to wager your normal 35x or even 50x of your deposit or winnings, you will at a low wager casino only have to wager 10x or less. This makes it easier for you to be able to get that withdrawal in the end of the bonus tunnel. An example of low wagering vs normal wagering is if you deposit €100 and have x35 wagering on your deposit and bonus money, you have to wager €7000 before the money is turned into real cash. On a low wagering casino you deposit €100 with 10x wagering only on your deposit, meaning that you only have to wager €1000 to be able to withdraw.

Casino Bonus FAQ:

Why do casinos offer welcome bonuses for new players?

Players are the foundation of any casino, and without players there would be no casinos. So the simple answer is that they offer welcome bonuses to new players, so that they can attract more players to play on their site. Some welcome bonuses for casino are sometimes so good that the casino takes a loss on average for that specific bonus, but when a casino offers such a great bonus, then a lot of players will sign up. When these players then are left with a great impression, and maybe even made a big withdrawal, it is natural for these players to come back to the casino they enjoyed playing at.

What to look out for before accepting a Welcome Bonus?

Almost all welcome bonuses come with some requirement from the casino, and it is important that you are aware of those requirements. We recommend that you always look at the T&Cs for any bonus that you want to redeem, so there will be no surprises. Key things to keep an eye on are;

  • What is the minimum or maximum I can deposit to receive the welcome offer;
  • Which are the wagering requirements before I can convert my winnings into real cash and withdraw;
  • Is there a max withdrawal or are winnings capped through the welcome offer:
  • Are there limitations to what games I can play, or limited wagering contribution on certain games.

Can I get my money back if I don't win with my deposit bonus?

Playing at an online casino is gambling, and the money you put in will always be at risk. So you will not be able to get your money back if you do not win money after claiming your deposit welcome bonus. There are however bonuses that you can enjoy with no risk, so-called risk-free bonuses and bets. We have a selection of welcome bonuses where you do not even have to make a deposit.

What do I need to know before taking a No Deposit Bonus?

When it comes to No-Deposit Bonuses, there is really not much that can go wrong. Since you get free bonuses without having to put up any money from your end. However, it is always good to keep an eye on the bonus terms, to ensure that there is not a max win attached to the bonus. This also includes if there are some requirements for you to be able to withdraw. Naturally you will in most cases be asked to verify your account, considering you have not performed any deposit yet. There are also instances where you will be asked to perform a deposit. But then you can withdraw your deposit + your winnings back immediately. So there is no reason to hesitate, claim one of our exclusive No-Deposit Bonus offers today!

Pros and cons of playing with a No Deposit Bonuses.

+   There is absolutely no risk for you, since you do not have to deposit any money.
+   It is the best way to test a new casino.
+   Anything you win will be yours, but make sure to check the bonus terms.
+   You get to have fun and have the potential to win money for free.

–   Bonus Terms for No-Deposit Bonuses are usually very tight. Read them carefully, as violating terms could result in losing your winnings.
–   Watch out for casinos that does not let you keep winnings from No-Deposit Bonuses.
–   Some casinos have a limit on how much you could be winning with your bonus.
–   Do not expect life-changing winnings from a bonus that requires no deposit or even free spins, it is not possible to win that big with this bonus.

What is the best casino bonus and how do I safely choose it?

–  Choose a bonus that really appeals to you.
–  Bonuses without deposit are safest.
–  ALWAYS read about bonus terms (especially wagering requirements and max bet)
–  The biggest bonus is not always the best bonus.
–  Wager free bonuses are simple since you can always withdraw your winnings right away.
–  You can always reject a bonus if this is what you wish, and just play with your cash.
–  Forfeitable bonuses tend to be the favourite bonus for most players, since you can choose to withdraw before the wagering is done.

There can be many reasons for why people like different types of bonuses. If you are unsure which bonus to choose we have all the available options ready for you. This way you can find exactly the one bonus that gives you #thatfeeling.

What if I win while playing with a No Deposit Bonus?

There are a few things to keep in mind:

1. No Deposit Free Spins:
In case you have a wager free no deposit free spins offer in your hand, you are double lucky! You get to play with free spins without depositing your own money, plus your winnings from these Free Spins can be cashed out right away! Only thing to watch out for with such a great bonus offer, is if the casino has cap on max winning amount that can be cashed out. If your bonus offer is not wager free, then it is important that you know how much you have to wager before you withdraw your winnings. So make sure to check out the bonus terms.

2. No Deposit Cash Bonus: 
Most of these offers where you do not have to make a deposit to get bonus cash, are not giving you real cash. It is bonus money that you can not withdraw right away, but it needs to be played with, meaning that you have to wager through the cash you got x amount of times. How many times, is always mentioned in bonus terms, so make sure you take a look at the terms for the offer before you take it. The great thing though is that as soon as the wagering is done, your winnings can be withdrawn!

Want to learn more about wagering? Read here.

Are No Deposit Bonuses legal?

Not only are they fully legal, they are becoming one of the most popular forms of bonuses. Some of the offers that can be found around on the vast ocean called the internet, are filled with tricky clauses and strings attached. This is why we have made sure that all the no deposit offers listed on BaconBet are just the absolute best and fully legit. So you can rest assured that there are no crazy terms in place for the offers you receive through us. It is as we always say though, very important that you do check the offer terms before accepting any bonus, just so there are no surprises.

Can Cashback be a welcome bonus?

Yes, cashback can be a welcome bonus, and it is normally with a higher percentage than the normal cashback offer the online casino offers. As we mentioned above, we believe that cashback should be pure cash, that you can choose to withdraw if you want to. So check out the bonus terms, to make sure that there are no wagering requirements attached to your cashback offer. That being said, some cashback bonuses that you accept as a welcome offer, can be all the way up to 100%. This means that you get all your lost money back, and we understand that these funds must have some wagering requirements for it to make sense for the casino to run a profitable business.

Is Cashback wager free?

Sometimes the cashback is wager free, and other times it is not, which is why we always encourage you to check the terms and conditions of the bonus. Cashback at it`s core is all about getting cash back, but considering that there are some casinos that have wagering requirements, it is not always what it seems. Great casinos should offer cashback in real cash, but if the percentage you get back is very high, then it could still be worth it with a wagering requirement attached.

How do I know if I need to wager my bonus money?

You should always read the bonus terms and conditions before claiming any bonus offer. It should by law be clearly stated what the terms of the bonus is, and how much you need to wager for the bonus to be unlocked as real cash for withdrawing. Some of the top casinos also have a handy progression bar, which shows you exactly the amount of money you have in your account, and the amount left to wager for the bonus to end. This makes it easier for you to know what you can expect from the bonus. Read about Wagering tips here. 

Are there any downsides when playing with wager free bonuses?

Wager free bonuses are the best, since you get to keep all your winnings as cash. The only possible downside would be that you usually have to do a deposit, but those we do all the time anyways, so we like to say that a wager free bonus only has upside! These type of wager free bonuses come in many forms, like deposit bonuses that matches your deposit 100%, Cashbacks where you get pure cash back every day, week or even instantly, and free spins where you get to keep all your winnings without having to combat a wagering requirement. You can even get wager free bonuses without having to do a deposit, it simply does not get better than that!

Can I get a highroller bonus even if I deposit smaller amounts?

The short answer to this would be no, as the highroller bonuses are reserved to those that can afford to lose large amounts on the online casino. If you are depositing smaller amounts, you will not be able to get the same benefits as a player depositing and losing a lot more money. There are also highrollers that win a lot of money, and specially on sportsbook, poker or horse racing. The same players are often also losing large amounts of money during periods of their gambling career.

Casino Free Spins FAQ:

Are there any strings attached when taking a Free Spins Bonus?

There are often requirements attached to a bonus offer. Therefor, it is important that you always check the T&Cs of any bonus offer that you take. To make it easier for you to know what to look for, here are some of the things to check to make sure the free spins bonus is what you want it to be;

  • Do I have to make a deposit before I can redeem my Free Spins Bonus;
  • Does the winnings I get from the Free Spins have wagering requirements;
  • Are the Free Spins on a slot game that I like;
  • Can I withdraw my winnings right away or are there limitations on how much I can withdraw;
  • Is there a maximum amount that I can win on these Free Spins.

How big can winnings be from Free Spins?

Most free spins that you claim have a low coin value, meaning that your average bet size is quite small. You can still win the maximum potential of any online slot though, so if you get Free Spins on for example Dead or Alive II, you can still win 150,000x the coin value of your Free Spins. So if your Free Spins are worth €0,10 each, you would still land a whooping €15,000 win, and that from just one free spin.

What is the difference between Free Spins and in-game freespins?

When casinos talk about getting 200 Free Spins, they are talking about spins that are done in the basegame of that slot.
However, many slot games have in-game features like Freespins, bonus rounds or other cool features. There are some casinos that offer welcome bonuses where you can get a free crack at the slots bonus feature. That means that you can claim your bonus, and when you open the game you get the three or four scatter symbols automatically to trigger the Freespins or Bonus Round. Our Casino experts recommend looking for casinos that offer these types of bonuses, as they give you the opportunity to play the most fun part of any slot game, without having to wait hundreds of spins to get that feature.

Why are wager-free Freespins so popular?

Many Freespins Bonuses that casinos offer, come with some kind of wagering requirements. Which means that when you are done spinning through your Free Spins, your winnings will still have to be wagered further to be turned into cash. When you have a wager-free Free Spins offer in your hands, all your winnings from these free spins are immediately turned into real money that you can withdraw. No wonder they are so popular!

Things to keep in mind when playing with no-deposit Free Spins.

When you are not required to do any deposit at all, but still get something for free, there are usually wagering requirements attached to your winnings. So make sure that you check the bonus terms, to ensure that you know how much those wagering requirements are, as well that there are no max wins or max withdrawal limits when using No-Deposit Free Spins.

Do all Free Spins have the same value?

This is a key question that many forget to think about. Most Free Spins that you receive will have the minimum possible bet size, meaning that the coin value for that slot is set to the minimum. The usual value of such Free Spins is between €0,10 and €0,20, but some online casinos offer smaller amounts of Free Spins, but with larger a higher value. These kind of offers give you the possibility to win bigger, but you have less spins to make that big win happen.

What are the most popular slots to play freespins on?

It all depends on the Casino, but some of the absolute favorites are classics like Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt, Jammin’ Jars from Push Gaming or Book of Dead from PLAY’n GO. There are however thousands of games to choose from, and you can in theory get Free Spins on any of them.

Do wager free free spins have lower value?

Free spins come in many shapes and sizes, but usually when you get an abundance of free spins they have the minimum value. So wager free free spins generally have the same value as the traditional ones. The great thing is however that with wager free bonuses you get to keep all your winnings, while with traditional free spins there are often a high wagering requirement attached to your winnings. You could in theory do a withdrawal without ever doing a deposit, that is free money right there!

Casino Games FAQ:

What do the symbols mean in slot games?

There is an abundance of different symbols and jargon’s within the world of online casinos. We will list the most important ones for you, so that you can be sure to have the best foundation when kicking things off on one of the best new casinos. 

10s, Js, Qs, Ks and As– These are the most used “common” symbols for online slots and online casinos. They are naturally taken from the world of cards, and they normally do not pay out too much, but work more as fillers of the reels. So hitting a line of Queens does not exactly give you a big win, it is important to know what these symbols represent. These common symbols pay less than for example Premium Symbols do.

What are Premium Symbols?

Depending on the slot game that you choose, almost all slots have premium symbols, these are usually represented with better graphics and even with golden looks to make sure you catch which of the symbols you want to land for those large wins. To get the biggest wins you need to hit the best combinations with the best symbols, a cool thing about many new slot games is that these premium symbols can also come through mystery symbols.

What are Mystery Symbols?

These symbols are often represented as a question mark, and when these mystery symbols land, they all change to reveal the same symbol. If you have ever watched a streamer on YouTube or Twitch raking in those huge wins, it is often through mystery symbols landing either stacked or in clusters. Not all online slots have Mystery Symbols though, but keep an eye out for those question marks.

What are Wild Symbols or Wilds?

Wilds are symbols that come in many shapes and forms, but the term wild means exactly that. The symbol will be substituted for any other symbol that you want it to be, for you to make winning combinations. Wild symbols are used in slot machines to offer you the chance to create a winning line, by substituting the wild symbol with another game symbol to create wins. For most online slots, wild symbols will be either static or dynamic, meaning that they either move around or stay in the same place on the game screen. These wilds can in some cases also be a part of more complex game mechanics, where a certain amount of them might trigger a Free Spins round, the wilds may spread, and much more.

What are Scatters or Scatter Symbols?

Scatter symbols are unique in the way that they can land anywhere on the reels, and still form winning combinations or trigger free spins and bonus rounds. So it should not where you get a scatter symbol on the screen. So keep an eye out for those, as the scatters are often the key to big wins. While in older slot games the scatters often just paid a fixed price for landing two or more of them, in most newer video slots you will trigger certain events when landing three or more of these scatters. If you are playing a slot that contains one of these interactive bonus rounds, you might be able to unlock a bounty of free spins, bonus games, as well as huge cash prizes. If you play a Jackpot slot, you could even land a major jackpot, that literally can change your life. Note that you often need to land at least three of these scatters for a feature to trigger.

What are Multipliers?

Multipliers are one of the things that will help you get bigger wins. Multipliers gives you the chance to quickly increase your wins by anything between two times to an unlimited amount of times. These multiplier symbols, similarly to Scatters and Wild Symbols, appear at random on the reels. Even though these are in some games a part of the base game, for others it is one of the main happenings during a bonus, or free spin round. There are online slots where the Scatter and Wild Symbols also have multipliers in them, meaning that you will win more than you initially would have. It is also important to note that multipliers do not always increase your win on a just a line or row, but they often increase the entire win across all paylines, or the total amount won during a free spins round or bonus game round.

What are Bonus Rounds or Bonus Features?

One of the key points for any online slot to be a great game, is to contain excitement and possibilities of winning big. Bonus rounds are additional rounds of the game that you need to unlock through for example landing three Scatters or more. These Bonus Rounds or Bonus Features, will give you extra opportunities to increase your winnings and they are usually a lot more exciting than the base game. These types of bonus rounds can take many shapes and forms, for example free spins, picking mini-games and other cool features. As mentioned they are normally triggered by getting the Scatters or the bonus symbols, which will appear at random on your reels, or even sometimes being unlocked by reaching certain game-specific goals. 

Can I skip past the Base Game and get straight into the Bonus Round?

Most new online slot games now have “Bonus Buy” as a standard feature, where you can buy your way to the bonus game for a multiple of the total stake, it is usually around 100x your bet size, and often it will increase your RTP. The Bonus Game or Free Spins is usually what you would normally get when landing three or more of the above mentioned Scatters. This means you can skip past the base game and jump straight into the bonus round.

Are online slots really random or are they rigged?

As long as you stick to playing on online casinos that are offered on BaconBet, you will be happy to know that online slots on all regulated casinos are really random. There have been instances of unlicensed casinos manipulating games that they have created themselves. We make sure that any casino that is listed with us is fully certified and audited by legit regulating entities that keep your money safe and the games clean. There will be no rigged games, and you can be assured of a completely fair and random chance of winning. We have made a list of all the top online casinos here.

What is MEGAWAYS slot and why is it so popular?

Many wonder what the deal is with Megaways slots and why they seem to be everywhere. As mentioned above Bonanza announced a paradigm shift in online casino back in 2016, by introducing a revolutionising game mechanic. Since then countless Megaways titles have been released, and almost every single game studio out there has licensed this mechanic from Big Time Gaming. This is probably also one of the reasons why Evolution Gaming Acquired Big Time Gaming for €450 Million in 2021. Considering the Megaways game engine literally became a franchise and Megaways slots are super popular.

Which Features does MEGAWAYS include?

Megaways has not only become the extremely popular craze due to the increased ways of winning, but that combined with other amazing features. Because even though all Megaways games are a bit different, and that many of the contain the traditional symbols like wilds, scatters, and free spins, there are other unique features that Megaways slots have, and here is the list of a few things that you are likely to encounter when playing Megaways.


A dear child has many names, which is why you will find this feature or function, under many different names. These include but are not limited to; Avalanches, Reactions, and Cascades. These are some of the keys to why Megaways is so popular as when you land a winning combination, the symbols that match and form part of that winning combination, breaks apart or explodes, so that new symbols cascade from above to take the broken tiles place. This has the possibility of leading to consecutive chains of wins from a single spin and also one of the ways to build multipliers.

Progressive Win Multiplier

Speaking of multipliers, as mentioned above the cascading mechanic opens the door to a progressive win multiplier. An example would be that your first win is 1x and then the winnings symbols gets removed, you then win again with the newly cascaded symbols, and this time you get 2x multiplier, and so on. This means the more consecutive cascades, the larger your multiplier will be. During the base game these multipliers reset on a new spin, but during free spins, the multiplier often sticks, so that you can get multipliers through the roof on the remaining spins.

Mystery Symbols

Whenever mystery symbols land, they all change to reveal the same symbol. This is another way of winning really big, and if you have ever watched a streamer on YouTube or Twitch raking in those huge wins, it is often through mystery symbols landing either stacked or in clusters.

Wild Multipliers

These are also a staple of Megaways slots, wild multipliers is a feature that does a lot for the Megaways genre. If you add on some stickyness as described above, you can have wild multipliers that just keeps on paying. Two or more of these wild multipliers will have their multipliers multiplied together, even though these are not exclusive to Megaways, they still make a key part of this mechanic and can propel winnings to the moon!

Bonus Buy

This is one of those things that most new games now have as a standard feature, but let’s not forget that it was Big Time Gaming that were the innovators for this feature. This gives you a chance buy your way to the bonus game for a multiple of the total stake, it is usually around 100x your bet size, and often it will increase your RTP. Big Time Gaming even introduced tokens that can be gathered in the base game, where you get a discount when you are purchasing the bonus feature at a later stage. White Rabbit for example has this feature, and the coin you gather is naturally marked with BTG.

What are the best MEGAWAYS slots to play?

Here you can find top 15 Megaways games to date. It is naturally hard for us to tell you what you should like, and you will always find the slots that match your play style and wishes. This is why BaconBet is so great, we gather everything in one place, and make sure that you get the latest and best information about anything related to online casinos and gambling. We also know that many sites or game providers throw around a lot of big words, but when we are talking about Megaways it is hard to not use big words. It is difficult to think of another slot mechanic that has had a similar impact to the online casino scene, the way that Big Time Gaming’s Megaways has had. Everyone loves big wins, and Megaways offer some of the absolute biggest wins out there. There is a reason for so many game providers on-boarding Megaways onto their games, even if they have to pay a license fee to Big Time Gaming. Some are standing their ground though, and try to innovate their own features to compete with the mastodon that Megaways has become. For you as a player though, it is great since you get the best from both worlds. We need innovators in the online casino space to push the boundaries of what is possible, and to keep creating exciting game titles to keep us engaged for the years to come. Online casino is still in its infancy, so every game creator is trying to push the game quality to the next level, and all this competition takes the quality of the games in the right direction.

How to find the right Jackpot? Different types of Jackpots

There are in general four different types of Jackpots to be won when you are playing on either land-based or online casinos.

Progressive Jackpot

Every time you or another player place a bet on a progressive jackpot slot, a tiny portion of that bet goes directly to the prize pot. These progressive jackpot casino games often have a shared jackpot across different games. So that you have more options of slots and games to play, as well as the jackpot prize pot increases a lot quicker. Mega Moolah is one of these types of slots, where the same jackpots go across multiple casinos and games.

Network Jackpot

These jackpots are across multiple casinos, where players contribute to the jackpot and all goes into the same prize pool. This is very similar to the types of national or international lotteries. Where every spin is like a “ticket” purchased to the lottery, and one lucky player takes it all.

Fixed Jackpot

This is the only jackpot where the amount you will win when triggering the jackpot is always the same. This means that it does not matter how many players are playing the game, or how long ago it has been since someone won the jackpot the last time. It always stays at the same number. This can in some cases also be called “cash pot jackpot”, and you can find this in combination with the progressive jackpots in some slots and games.

Local Jackpot

Here there will be one or more jackpots, that are specifically attached to one casino. So there are only players on this casino that will contribute to the prize pool growing, and it is the casino themselves that will have the responsibility of paying out all of the money won. If you have ever tried a raffle before, this is in many ways how that works for online casinos as well.

How does the progressive jackpots work?

All progressive jackpot slots work in a similar way to one another. Every time any player clicks ‘spin’, a percentage of their stake goes into the jackpot pool. The progressive jackpot carries on growing, getting bigger and bigger, until one lucky player wins it.

How you actually win the jackpot can vary from game to game but most slots have a special Jackpot Bonus Game where your progressive jackpot win will be revealed.