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N1 Casino

  • Winnings paid out fast
  • Players choice
  • Multiple currencies
  • Good selection of bonuses

Bonus up to 400€
+ 200 free spins

Joo Casino logo

Joo Casino

  • Excellent variety of
    payment methods

  • Best Reload bonus program
  • Runs perfectly on mobile

​Bonus up to 1800€
+ 150 free spins

New Casinos coming soon. Blurred logo

New Casino

  • Lots of Free Spins
  • Casino and sportsbook
  • Fast payouts
  • Nice design

Weekly 10% Cashback and daily offers!


New Casinos coming soon. Blurred logo

New Casino

  • Best games
  • Best RTP Casino!
  • Winnings are payd out fast
  • 24/7 Support available

For new players: 100% deposit bonus up to 500 € + 200 free spins


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What type of casino suits me?

Big Deposit Bonus

Nothing better than deposit being topped up with extra money to play with!

No Wagering

Hate wagering a bonus? Below you find our selected casinos with no wagering requirements.

Free Spins

Love them Free Spins? We have listed the best casinos with lots of free spins for new players.

Best Cashbacks

Some casinos have better cashbacks than other casinos. We have gathered them here.


Like aiming higher? Jackpots can change lives, and here is a list with the best jackpot games.

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Like to be the first to play box fresh games? Look no further!

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Online Casino FAQ

Can I trust online casinos?

There are many things you can check to ensure that a casino is trustworthy. All the casinos listed on our site have gone through rigorous testing and our casino experts spend weeks testing the online casinos for you to be safe.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

All our handpicked casinos have lots of smooth and quick payment methods for you to withdraw your winnings safely and fast. We show you how you can easily withdraw money.

How do I find the best bonuses for casino?

In an ocean of different options we have made a clean selection of all the best bonuses. You just simply pick the bonus that fits your wishes, and get extra rewards to boost your game.

How do I deposit in casinos?

Depositing on online casinos should be easy and fast, and we have hand-picked the best casinos with the best deposit options specifically for you. There are many different methods of depositing and we show you how.

Are online casinos rigged?

Online casinos can feel that way sometimes, but the truth is the casino must have an advantage or they would lose money in the long run. A house edge however, does not indicate that a game is rigged.

Can I become rich from gambling online?

The short answer is yes, but for every lucky winner there are two that are not as lucky. What you can do though, is to get an extra edge against the casinos and we show you how below.

Responsible Gambling

Any area of life should be approached responsibly, and gambling is potentially one of the areas that you really need to be mindful about. Keeping in mind your own well-being, as well as the well-being of people around you. Educating yourself is the best you can do and for this reason, and we strongly believe that everyone should be aware of responsible gambling tools, best practices and rules. Awareness is the start of any change in life and is a key for recognising any problematic patterns also in gambling behaviour, whether in yourself or in other people.

casino welcome bonuses


What are the risks of gambling?

The biggest risk of gambling is to develop a gambling disorder, which involves repeated problematic gambling behaviour that causes significant problems or distress. This is also called gambling addiction or compulsive gambling. For some people gambling becomes an addiction, and the effects they get from gambling are very similar to the effects that someone with alcoholism gets from alcohol. They can crave gambling the way someone craves alcohol or other substances.

Compulsive gambling can also lead to problems with finances, relationships and work, not to mention potential legal issues when gambling for money that is not theirs to lose. Most people with a gambling disorder are often ashamed and deceitful about their problem gambling, which in turn results in that they may lie to family members and others to cover up their behaviour and may turn to others for help with financial problems. Some problem gamblers are seeking the thrill or excitement that comes from gambling, while others are looking more for a way to escape reality or numbing certain emotions or stress.

How do I know I have problems with gambling?

The DSM-5 states that a person must show or experience at least four of the following during the past 12 months:

  1. Need to gamble with increasing amounts of money to feel excitement
  2. Restlessness or irritability when trying to stop gambling
  3. Repeated unsuccessful attempts to stop, control, or reduce gambling
  4. Thinking often about gambling and making plans to gamble
  5. Gambling when feeling distressed
  6. Returning to gamble again after losing money
  7. Lying to conceal gambling activities
  8. Experiencing relationship or work problems due to gambling
  9. Depending on others for money to spend on gambling
How we review casinos in BaconBet

How we review casinos

We will take you through every single step that our amazing casino review team make any potential online casino go through, that want to be listed at This way you will not only see how we review and rate the casinos handpicked for our site, but you might also learn how to better vet online casinos yourself as well in the future.

How we review games in BaconBet

How we review games

We are trying our utmost to stay unbiased, and rather use the contacts and networks we have, to give you a front row seat in the latest and trends in games arena. While other game review sites are very focused on giving games ratings, we rather focus on facts about the games, your win potential and a neutral view on how the game looks and feels.

BaconBet Editorial Principles introduction

Editorial principles aims to provide our engaged audience with a reliable assessment of events and trends in the world of iGaming. Written in an objective and analytical tone rather than a polemical one. BaconBet articles reflect the fact that we have a diverse international audienc and focus on a newsworthy topics,  casino operators within gambling, and give an objective point of view on how players can be best suited to gamble online. 

Can I trust Online Casinos?

There are many ways to check if an Online Casino is trustworthy, and some of them are quite simple and quick. First of all you want your casino to be licensed and to have a good reputation. You also want to make sure that the casino are working with reputable game and payment providers, as this will give you a good indication that this is a casino you can trust. It is also important to look at how you got to know about the casino, did you receive some random cryptic SMS or Email, or did you find the casino on a trusted site like BaconBet? Our dedicated casino experts go into meticulous detail when reviewing and verifying the validity of all the casinos listed on our site, you can read more about all the steps we go through with every single casino here. You can also do some searching on your side, where you can look at users honest reviews of the online casino you are considering. A bad reputation spells doom for any casino operator, as they want users to come back again to their site. Without the players a casino is nothing, so it is in their best interest to be trustworthy and treat their players well.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

There are many different ways of withdrawing casino winnings, and one of the best ways to both deposit and withdraw is through bank transfers. With bank transfers you get money to and from your bank account directly. On many online casinos you can also withdraw your winnings straight back to your credit card, which would be equally fast. If you prefer to have your money outside of your normal bank account, there are a lot of options when it comes to so called Online Wallets, like Skrill, Neteller or Jeton. This is a place where you can safely store your money, and do super fast deposits and withdrawals back and forth. If you like fast withdrawals, Cryptocurrency is a great way to have lightning fast withdrawals, almost full anonymity and with barely any fees at all. As you can see there are plenty of options for you to withdraw your winnings, and if you want to learn more about other options for withdrawals you should check out our dedicated fast withdrawal page.  

How do I find the best bonuses for casino?

Do you like to have more money to play for from the start? If so a deposit bonus or welcome bonus would be the preferred option. That way you will get for example 100% on your deposit, meaning that if you deposit €100 you would get €200 to play for. These type of bonuses usually come with a wagering requirement, and if you do not like wagering you should check out our bonuses without wagering. Some like to play for free, and the best way to do that is with a no deposit bonus or free spins. No deposit bonus means that you do not even have to do a deposit to claim your bonus. If free spins is something you would like, you can get hundreds of free spins through our exclusive deals here. If none of the above fits what you are after, then we suggest that you check out Cashback. Cashback is a super simple and great way to get money back on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Most of the casinos that offer Cashback, give you the money directly into your account with no wagering requirements at all, so you can withdraw the money straight away, or if you feel lucky you get some cash right back into your balance and go for that big win.

How do I deposit on casinos?

The by far most popular way to make a deposit on any online casino is using a credit card. This is also a great way to get money withdrawn from your account as well. Another option that many players like is a bank transfer. Through a bank transfer your money goes directly in and out of your bank account, and you will experience instant deposits. This can also be achieved with an online Wallet, like for example Skrill, Neteller or Jeton. These online Wallets keep your money separated from your bank account and enables you to do lightning fast deposits and withdrawals. If speed and anonymity is something that sounds like the right fit for you, then you should probably check out Cryptocurrency. You can deposit with Bitcoin for example, and this ensures full anonymity as well as instant deposits. If none of the above options fits what you are after, you should check out vouchers like PaySafeCard. These you can buy either in a shop or online, and you simply enter the code on your voucher in the deposit field at one of our selected casinos, and you can start playing right away. 

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

There are lots of laws and regulations that have been put in place to ensure the games are run ethically and legally, and we recommend that you always check what type of license your selected Casino is operating under. If you see that they have verified licenses like SGA (Spelinspektionen), MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) or UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) you can be 100% sure that these are casinos that you can trust. You should always be able to click the Regulatory logo on their site, which should take you the licensing seal of authenticity. If any casino does not have such a link or seal, you should stay away. A casino is also only as good as its reputation, so you can also search for the casino that you want to try out, and read more about what users say about the casino. Online casinos are businesses that have an ultimate goal of making a profit while ensuring that their customers come back and invest more time and money on their sites, for any licensed casino it is not possible to operate if everything is not in complete order. Back in time there was less regulation which made the chances of casinos being rigged much more likely, nowadays it is however no way for licensed casinos to rig games or scam players. You can also look at which Payment Providers the Casino offers, and also which Game Providers they have, this will also give a good indication of the reputation level of the casino in question. If a game from for example NetEnt or Play'n GO is on the casino you are thinking about signing up with, there is no way for that casino to manipulate or influence those games, as they can only supply these games through the game providers own back offices. Even the game providers are required to license and certify their games, which gives extra layers of security for you a s a player. For all the casinos that we list on our site, there is a long list of requirements that our casino experts go through, and if you want to know more about how we ensure that casinos are trustworthy check out this page now.

Can I become rich from online gambling?

There are people that have become rich from online gambling, but it is important to keep in mind that any online or land based casino is built on a model that lets the house win in the long run. This does not mean that you will always lose, but in the case of Roulette for example where you can bet on Black or Red numbers, there is also a Green number 0 which gives the casino that little edge. The same goes for BlackJack, where if you play perfectly you will only be able to have a win percentage of 99,58 over millions of hands. You will probably not be playing millions of hands, but the same rule goes for online slots. There is usually a RTP or Return to Player of between 95 and 97 percent on an online casino, which means that you will over time lose money. You can of course get lucky and win big, which will give you a head start against the edge of the house. The best way to become rich from online gambling however is by winning a large Jackpot. This is by no means easy, and most of us will never win a Jackpot in our lifetime, but it is surely is something that could be life changing. We also want to remind you that gambling responsibly is an important part of online gambling, and we have a whole dedicated section for just that here.