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There are many sites out there that claim to be there for the player, and the truth is that most pages you come by are simply not. Therefore, we have a clear policy on how we review games, where we thoroughly test and give our honest opinion on the games reviewed. We go through slots, Live Casino games, as well as other categories to a smaller extent. To ensure that we stay completely unbiased (at least to the extent that this is possible for any human being), we never receive any endorsements or commissions for reviewing or promoting games. This also means that there are no incentives for us to be polarized or biased towards any given game provider, or any type of slot or live casino game. Naturally when you write a review, it is that persons view of that specific review, which means that you might not agree with the review results, but that is the beauty about taste, it is different for everyone. No matter if we agree or not, we focus on getting the facts about games out there. If we like the game or not, or if we are on the fence about how we feel about the slot, we will tell you exactly that, and in the end only you can give the right answer about whether a game is good for you or not.

How the Casino Experts work when writing a review

Our team of casino experts have ties within the iGaming industry, both from operators, game studios, affiliates, and other areas. We are however always trying our utmost to stay unbiased, and rather use the contacts and networks we have, to give you a front row seat in the latest and newest casino trends. While other game review sites are very focused on giving games ratings, we rather focus on facts about the games, your win potential and a neutral view on how the game looks and feels. We naturally have some strong opinions at times, and we do have our own internal top lists for both games and online casinos. Naturally many game providers would want to get a good review, but we do not want to label a slot review with a specific score, but rather the opinion of the ones testing the game.

Early Access to the newest games

Early access to newest games

Most of the game reviews we do are through so-called early access, in a certified testing environment. This means that we have access to most game providers new games, even before they are live. This is to make sure that we have thoroughly tested the games before we release our game reviews, and hopefully that will let you be better prepared for what is coming in the following days or weeks. This is also a way to ensure that game studios are transparent and that they keep critical and unbiased parties like Bacon.Bet as a partner, but with no incentives given.

Do we review ALL the games?

There might be game studios that are not featured on our site, and there might be games that we have not reviewed. There can be many reasons for that, but in most cases, it is because we do not view them as worth the time. In other cases, it might be that the game studio is not living up to the high standards that our game testers have, and we would never promote or give attention to anything but what we believe is the best on the market. Quality over quantity is a part of our mantra, and this is clearly shown in our unparalleled content, where there is no useless information or spammy threads to distract you. There are some game providers that blatantly pay players, specifically streamers to only play their games, and make highlights of absurd win streaks. These scammy streamers will be easily spotted, as they will only play on games that have “live test accounts”. You have probably seen “Crypto” streamers, that bet hundreds of thousands on slots, and they keep playing the same games over and over, well there you have the fake streamers and the paid advertisers. We recommend you stay away from them, and not give them any attention.

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What facts are we checking when reviewing games

What exactly are we looking at when doing a game or slot review?

As we mentioned earlier, we all like different things, which is why we do not like to put a label on any game or slot review. We only give you the facts associated with the game, and our honest opinion about how we feel about the game. Rating it 4.7 out of 5 or 7.3 out of 10, is just a subjective rating on a game that might have a high rating, but you do not like it. Or it might have a low rating, which might make you feel like you should not test it, when in fact it would be one of the best games you have ever played.

One of the key parts that we also keep in mind is the differences between casino veterans, VIPs, casual gamblers, and new online casino players. You all care about different things, so we try to balance our reviews and information to nurture for every level of experience. This is also why it is critical that our slot reviewers always keep an open mind when reviewing and taking a “birds eye view” of how the game can be looked at with different eyes. Some of the key things that we look at when reviewing is not limited to the parts listed below but will give you a good indication of what we are looking for and which template our game reviewers are using when making a slot review.

Balance of games

This might sound like a strange first point, but considering we go through them alphabetically, we started with the balancing. This means whether the game has a great mathematical design, or a math model that is ranging from poor to mediocre at best. Any great game will have an extremely complex and well mapped out math model, which in turn will give you a better game experience. If you are a seasoned veteran, you have probably already experience games where you “know what will happen”, and that the game keeps “teasing you”. These are often games with a poor mathematical model, that clearly shows how predetermined the slots are. Great math models will give you hours upon hours of amazing entertainment, and the balance of smaller wins, up to the huge, big wins, will be portioned perfectly even from low, medium to high volatile games.

Bonus frequency

If there is a bonus round or bonus feature in the slot that we review, we take into consideration how often this bonus round triggers. Naturally on lesser volatile slots, you can get the bonus round quite often, while on higher volatile slots the feature might be less frequent. It is all about the balance, and how the game can keep you engaged and entertained. There are also games where you can buy the bonus round, but for the casual player that prefers to spin the base game looking for that bonus feature, it is crucial that the game is balanced and fair.

Design and audio

One of the big parts of any game is how it looks and how it sounds. Now what we deem as pretty, or cool looking, can of course be very subjective. We like to talk about how the game looks, what emotions the design brings and how the audio either annoys us or keeps us captivated and adds on extra “good-feel” when playing the game.

Easy or hard to understand

Another thing that we keep an eye on, is whether the game is easy to understand and get into, or whether it has complicated features or game mechanics. This is also to separate some of the games a bit for you when reading the reviews, in case you prefer simple games, or the more complex mind-boggling ones.

Feel of the game

Is everything smooth, does the game feel “laggy” or take forever to count your winnings? This also ties into the Design and Audio part, but in some cases the game’s core is just not good and makes you frustrated about latency issues, or annoying features that the game creators probably should have left out before releasing their new slot game.


Does the slot bring something new to the table or is it just a remake of similar games from the past. When testing hundreds and hundreds of games, and particularly slots, it can be refreshing to find innovation in new releases. Sometimes these innovations can also be a nuisance, and just create huge question marks around what the hell the game studio had been drinking that day during their workshop. Not all games have to be innovative though, but we like to point out if there are similarities with older games, or if there are brand new features for you to enjoy.

Potential Max Win

Now this is one of the big changes in the most recent years, as slots have reached record levels in terms of max win potential. We reached 20,000x, then 50,000x, then 100,000x, and now we have even crossed the 150,000x barrier through the game St Quentin made by No Limit City, which is the largest Max Win Potential of any slot outside of jackpot games. The great thing is that not all games are moving in this direction, so it still maintains a good balance between the games, so that more casual players still can get slots where there are smaller and more frequent wins.

Return To The Player or RTP

This is another hot topic of the recent years, as casino operators have been changing the RTP in multiple markets across the board. Firstly, RTP means the average payout percentage per €1 you spend, and the industry benchmark is around 96%. Meaning that you in the long term will lose €0.04 on every Euro you play for. This is naturally based on statistics over billions or even trillions of spins, meaning that you can lose all your money, or win big in just a few spins. The issues with changes in RTP are that certain providers have decreased the RTP to be very low, and we recommend that you check all games RTP before you start playing. This can be done in the information section of any slot game. Some casino operators have even gone the opposite route, increasing RTP to 98% for specific games, which gives you an extra edge when playing against the casino. It is important to emphasize that we review all games on their highest RTP percentage, meaning that if you play the game at a reduced RTP setting, the difference between for example 98% and 94% can be big.

Volatility and Variance

Most game studios want to appeal to all types of gamblers, and we normally range them through Low, to Medium and up to High Variance or Volatility games. This is where the mathematics of the game is crucial to ensure that the game is great, and there has also been questions raised in relation to certain game studios, and whether their maximum potential is even reachable. Whether you enjoy Low variance, Medium variance or High variance we always categorize all our slot reviews so that you can easily find your preferred volatility range.

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Subjective game review

Slot reviews are subjective and based on the initial release of the games

Considering that games can change over time, through re-certification, as well as above mentioned RTP changes that can be made. This could impact the experience you have with the slot, compared to the experience that our slot reviewer had when the game was initially released. Considering that we do not rate slots on any scale, but rather stay focused on the facts about the games, most of these will stay the same and be factual throughout the lifespan of the slot. We want to emphasize that there could be differences in what we state in our reviews, compared to what you see in the future in the details of any specific game. Considering that most of our reviews are done in a free to play setting, or so-called demo mode, there could in rare cases be a difference in gameplay compared to the released real money version. If we are ever made aware of such instances, we will do our utmost to ensure that our reviews are accurately updated to reflect the current state of the slot game.

Updated Slot Reviews

As mentioned above we normally review slots before they go live on the actual real money market, and some of these have certain changes made before they go live. Mostly these changes are for the better, and in some cases based on the feedback from our casino experts, or other reviewing sites out there. We like to view our game reviews as the final saying about the slot game, but in some cases, we do have to update them, and we will of course mention that in our review, if we were to change from the initial final review content.  We are also a team of very different people, meaning that we often disagree on subjective opinions about games or other things relating to online gambling. This means that we also in some cases can change our mind, while discussing objectively on how our reviews and content is being presented. There are also instances where we get more game time to spend on slots that are recently released, and this could sway our opinion about the game both in a negative or a positive direction. Naturally if we also see a lot of negative news and update relating to a game that we have not experience the same negativity, we will always revisit our initial review and invest more time to verify the claims.

Independent news for online gambling and reviewing source

It is important for us to protect our sources and partners, considering we are an independent news outlet, that also does game reviews. This protects us as journalists under international law, and prohibits governments, authorities, and courts from compelling any of our journalists to reveal information about sources that wish to be anonymous. There are examples of cases where individuals or organisations try to get access to information about how we work, which sources we use and other details. We never disclose any such information unless the sources themselves explicitly agree to communicating directly with such agencies or persons. Our general and firm bottom line is that we never discuss anything sensitive outside of the organisation. appreciates your feedback

If you agree with our casino experts review, or if you do not, we are always interested in hearing what you think. As we are an independent news outlet, there will always be certain biases involved, even when we try our utmost to be completely unbiased. If you have any questions or want to share your feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to us on: [email protected].

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