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Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming the best Live Game Show for Big wins

Crazy Time Live Game Show Review

Evolution Gaming is the greatest and Crazy Time Live Game might be the same! This is potentially the best live game Show so far for online casinos. Here is our honest review of Crazy Time.

History and details about the game

Crazy Time Live Game Show was developed and launched by the mastodon Evolution Gaming in June 2020. And it`s one of the most popular live casino games for you to play at online casinos across the world. Also, the game has outstanding game play mechanics and a super fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Core game play and more details

The core game play is pretty straightforward as you choose one of eight options to bet on. Where you choose between the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 with a 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x payout, respectively. And of course the four different game shows, Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time. However, the numbers have more sections on the wheel. So it`s much more likely that it lands on 1 than for example 10 or Coin Flip. And keep on reading to check out more details below in our review.

Crazy Time Live Game Show Facts & Features:

01.07.2020 was the official release date for Crazy Time Live Game Show.

Evolution Gaming are the creators of this epic live show game.

This varies between the types of bets you make. As this is not a traditional slot game, the RTP is more fluid. You can read more about RTP and the percentages under “Hit Percentages”.

You will just have one Wheel and four amazing bonuses for you to win.

The four features are: Coin Flip Bonus Game, Pachinko Game, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time Bonus Game.


There is no win cap on this game. So you can literally win millions! The maximum bet on the highest potential option Crazy Time is however €250 or equivalent.

Crazy Time Live Game Show Bonus Games

The core game play is similar to previous Evolution Gaming titles such as Dream Catcher. So you place bets on one of eight colourful options. And you watch as a friendly host spins the wheel. However, there is a massive improvement to this game. And that is that Crazy Time improves the already winning formula with four exciting bonus features. So, at the start of each spin, a slot machine will rotate with the chance of triggering a multiplier for you. And this will trigger on a specific section if the symbols match up. Which includes the numbers as well as the bonus games. However, it is not the numbers that make this game exciting for you. So let`s get into the four bonus games you can enter.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

The first and most common of the Crazy Time Bonus Games is Coin Flip. Meaning that you can win it more frequently, as it is represented four times on the wheel. Also, this is the most simple of the four as it is just a coin with a red and blue side. And the host places it in a slot, and then the host presses a button to flip it. So, each side gets a random multiplier. And whatever colour it lands facing up, will add that multiplier to your bet and form a prize. So, you could in theory win 700 times your bet on the Coin Flip Bonus Game.

Pachinko Bonus Game

The second Bonus Feature that we will explain is the amazing Pachinko Bonus Game. This is represented on two sections on the wheel. And if you have a trained eye, you will notive it is based on the Japanese game with the same name. However, this one only has one ball that will be dropped per game. Also, a wide variety of multipliers will spread out at the bottom of the Pachinko Board. And you can get the high potential “Double”. Which will have the host drop the ball or puck one more time with double multipliers. So. you can earn an impressive win of 10,000 times your bet if you`re really lucky.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

The third Bonus Feature is Cash Hunt, which is represented by two spots on the wheel. So here you get the choice to shoot one of the icons on the screen. And it will reveal a value for you below it. However, unlike Pachinko and Coin Flip, where all the players will get the same result. It`s all up to you how you pick to reveal your win. Also, there are a total of 108 symbols with random prices underneath them. And the highest being 100 times your bet. The prices are hidden under the symbols and randomly rotated on the board. So you need to pick carefully by aiming the cannon and make your selection.

Crazy Time Bonus Game – To the moon!

The fourth, and final Bonus Game is of course Crazy Time. This is the golden goose of this amazing Live Casino Game Show. However, as it`s represented by only one symbol on the wheel, you need to get pretty lucky for it to land. But you also have to make sure your bets are placed on the Crazy Time option. When triggered, the host will walk through a door. And you will enter a magical world of carousels and clouds, along with a huge wheel.

Crazy Time wheel and win potential

This final Crazy Time Casino Bonus Game lets you try your luck on the gigantic wheel. And it is equipped with three coloured triangles pointing down to the wheel. This is once again a differentiating factor between the players, do you go for Yellow, Green or Blue? So when you have chosen one of these three colours. Whatever your selected colour points to, will be your winning prize. However, the real potential outside of getting a 25 times multiplier before the game even starts. Would be to get a “Double” to increase the prices even further. And if you land on this option the host will spin the huge wheel of Crazy Time once more. And all the prices will be doubled.

What are the chances of winning on Crazy Time Live?

Since this is a Live Casino Game Show you would probably prefer to have some extra funds. And we have exclusive offers where you get no-deposit bonuses and can try out Crazy Time for free! No risk for you, just upside!

Here are the percentages to hit the respective numbers and Bonus Games on Crazy Time.

Numbers and their percentages

Firstly, number 137% for you to hit. As it has 20 spots on the Wheel which makes the percentage to land on a spin of the Wheel to be 37%.
Secondly, number 225.93% for you to hit. As it has 14 spots on the Wheel making the percentage to land on a spin of the Wheel to be 25.93%.
Thirdly, number 512.96% for you to hit. As it has 7 spots on the Wheel making the percentage to land on a spin of the Wheel to be 12.96%.
Lastly, number 107.4% for you to hit. As it has 4 spots on the Wheel making the percentage to land on a spin of the Wheel to be 7.4%.

Bonus Games and their hit percentages

Coin Flip Bonus7.4% for you to hit. As it has 4 spots on the Wheel making the percentage to land on a spin of the Wheel to be 7.4%.
Pachinko Bonus3.7% for you to hit. As it has 2 spots on the Wheel making the percentage to land on a spin of the Wheel to be 3.7%.
Cash Hunt Bonus3.7% for you to hit. As it has 2 spots on the Wheel making the percentage to land on a spin of the Wheel to be 3.7%.
Crazy Time Bonus1.85% for you to hit. As it has only 1 spot on the Wheel making the percentage to land on a spin of the Wheel to be 1.85%.

You can get up to 25 times multiplier on any number or Bonus Game. And you get this through the little slot screen before every spin commences. Also, you can receive additional multipliers by hitting Double's in both Pachinko and Crazy Time.

There is no Progressive Jackpot attached to this game, but it has an enormous potential for huge wins. So if you bet max on one of the Bonus Games And it lands with a multiplier, it will be like winning the Jackpot of a lifetime.

€0.10 – €5000 are the bet levels you have to choose between.